by Lauren Noble


Fashion January 8, 2018

Liam Hodges shows us why we shouldn’t leave the fun of fashion behind us when we grow up as ‘Everybody’s Free To Feel Good’ for AW18.

Working alongside FILA for their second season in hand, Liam Hodges takes us on a journey of his beautifully bizarre mind as he explains why the fun, eternal youth of fashion should never be left behind. Liam Hodges looks back to the 90s for a smorgasbord of inspiration to create the colourful, vibrant and curious collection ‘Everybody’s Free’, which is designed to be worn on dance floors, street corners and while drinking in a bar.

Music played a strong part in the making of this collection with the New Wave genre, Ian Dury, Blockhead punk and gabba rave setting the pre-millennial vibes. Liam Hodges had his models walk down a trippy set of black and white checkerboard flooring designed by set designer Louis Gibson.

‘Youth culture often references childhood innocence, because fun is something to live for, not grow out of’.

Mr Blobby, is that you? We couldn’t be happier about the selections of icons he uses traces of in this lineup. From Mr Blobby pink and yellow polka dot knit jumpers to the cartoon graphics which are airbrushed on some of the clothing by hand, Hodges shows us exactly how we can maintain our youth as we grow older; how becoming too serious in our attire as we age is a myth; how youthful pleasures should be held onto forever.

We’re all about the punk tones that flow throughout the ‘Everybody’s Free’ collection. This season, Liam Hodges takes to tartan in shades of red and blue as well as painting his suits in distressed-style bleached stripes. Jeans follow the same bleach technique to continue his love for denim staples. The clothing is oversized, creating baggy silhouettes of which the models rep in their intriguing hair and makeup. Double breasted suits are covered in badges, tracksuits are drawn in and feature a slimmer fit than previous seasons, created out of two materials of flannel and nylon and detailed with zipped cuffs – an unexpected pairing. Hodges’ well-known not-so-smiley face features on both the clothes the models wear and on the model’s faces, hand-drawn in a joker-style smile; green wigs like Oompa-Loompas allow the audience to perceive their childhood as they please – what do you see?




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