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Music January 9, 2018

Seamlessly blending alt, classic and art rock, London-based five-piece TALMA command a magnetic presence. A presence that is more than primed to scale the ferocious intensity of the UK’s underground scene, to the electric atmosphere of arenas.

TALMA’s raw and unshackled live performances are where they truly run riot. Wielding only a microphone, singer Henry Adams demands attention with bravado. The tightness and ferocity of guitarists Jack Rennie and James Creed, bassist Pete Warren and drummer Jonny Harrison make TALMA a force to be reckoned with.

Operating without creative constraints, they are more than ready to help shape the next wave of British guitar music.


With its cascading production and hook-heavy statements, ‘Lifeline’ is a pulsating offering. It takes a look at life in the modern city. But also the sense of alienation that can come with it.

“Lifeline explores the juxtaposition of being surrounded by millions of people but still feeling a sense of loneliness every day”. said Adams. “There are moments where it seems no-one can see you. Yet everyone is watching you. This paranoia can drive people away from the city. We look for lifelines to tether us to the places we try to call home”.

Adams’ lyrics and vocal styling runs reminiscent of early Morrissey as he grasps the sincerities of modern life; albeit with a swagger of his own. Romantic and reflective, and with an emotive vocal line, ‘Lifeline’ reveals TALMA to be a return to rock’s visceral songwriting origins. Produced and mastered by Jason Wilson, it’s a cathartic performance. The band are destined to reanimate the seemingly lifeless bones of rock and roll, and challenge any notions that guitar music is dead.


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