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Music January 12, 2018

“We all moved to Charleston on the same day, and there was nothing else in our minds but forming a rock band”, said frontman, Luke Mitchell. With a number of extensive tours under their belts, The High Divers are steadily materialising into exactly what they envisioned. ‘Fall In Love So Fast’ is the first release from their second album, ‘Chicora’ which drops in March via True Blue Records. Premiering here today, it possesses a pulsating and innovative rock sound which offers both heart and energy.


June last year saw the band experience a horrific crash; a truck hit and flipped their tour van, injuring all band members and crew. Never one to give up, the band have travelled down a long road towards recovery. They were determined to return to the stage as soon as possible, saying, “Getting back to playing got our hearts beating again. We had just been sitting there in painful suspended animation. But getting back to playing shows gave us something to struggle for”.

Their relationship is true. The history of the band stretches all the way back to childhood for frontman Luke, and bassist Kevin. “Kevin was just a little kid trying to learn how to ride a bike, and he ran straight into my Dad’s van”, laughed Luke. They played music together in various bands for years before The High Divers were formed. Fate slowly brought the rest of them together when Mary Alice and Julius DeAngelis jumped into the mix.

With a natural flair for melody and chorus, it’s the unexpected addition of trumpets and woodwind to the outro that adds a charming twist to the track. It’s these quirks that start to paint an image of their vision and ability. Creating a full blooded rock swagger, they fall somewhere between The Hold Steady and Arcade Fire.

Their new single offers the charm of Neil Young and the quaint rebellion of Tom Petty. It’s a track that further reflects upon rock and roll tendencies, while seamlessly blending in the notions of a ballad. Musically, the new album ‘Chicora’, is a departure from earlier release, ‘Riverlust’. Speaking on the album, Mitchell said, “We made a conscious choice to experiment with straying from our Southern roots on this record. On our first album, we had some things intertwined on some of the songs that were a little bit country. Almost twangy. We’re kind of staying away from that and focusing on different styles we really enjoy”.

This is just one example of how the band heeds its own advice, taking to heart the message behind ‘Chicora’ and keeping loved ones near; “Hold people close that you trust because there’s not a lot of people out there that you can”, Mitchell added. “I think throughout the years of struggling in a band, finding people you can trust their opinions and that want the best for you is really an amazing thing to have”.

‘Chicora’ is available to pre-order now 

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