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Music January 22, 2018

Winning over audiences worldwide is something Maggie Szabo has been doing effortlessly. Her vocals are soulful, paving the way for empowering pop anthems. Hailing from small town Ontario, she has since moved to Los Angeles to use her music to conquer social injustice.

Written in some of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth, her music has circled round the internet. Maggie Szabo recently released the new heartfelt video to ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’, which is a love letter of support to the LGBTQ community. It tells the story of a transgender high school student attending prom and is a touching narrative. More importantly, it’s relevant to today’s society.


‘Don’t Give Up’ is the first single off of Szabo’s upcoming EP, ‘Worthy’. It’s beautifully authentic and dedicated to transgender youth around the world. The track is particularly for those who live in fear and suffer from rejection and exclusion.

The single showcases an emotional rawness whilst addressing a subject which is imperative today. With soaring layered vocals, Szabo sings an uplifting and encouraging message of hope and acceptance. The powerful and poignant narrative is equally reflected in its cinematic video. The story follows a girl who is struggling with her gender identity and the pressures of conformity in high school.

Szabo’s ultimate message is to fight for social justice and equality; “People are people, love is love. Society needs to stand up”, she said. “I can’t stand by and watch millions of transgender youth live in fear for their safety, outcast from their homes and marginalised by society. All because they are struggling to understand their gender identity. I want to stand with them”. 


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