by Jodie Shepherd


Music January 27, 2018

After taking piano lessons alongside singing and dancing as a child, the Rainsford project really came together about two years ago. She was born in New York, lived in Montana when she was really young and spent most of her formative years in North Carolina; “My mom’s job requires that she travels a lot”, she said. “Which as a result, meant that I traveled a lot to visit her as well. So from a very young age I was spending weeks in Prague, Paris, and off the coast of Italy. I think that opened my eyes to the world and made me want to experience, and create, as much as I can in this lifetime”. She continued to tell me that she has always loved music, to the point where nothing makes her happier. That much is obvious. But her other obsession is with animals; “If I suddenly went deaf or something”, she added, “I would want to spend my life helping save wildlife. Or trying to remedy the tragic human impact on animals”.

Naturally though, she’d like to see her songs at the top of the charts and on everyone’s playlist (you know what you need to do), but above all she wants to make music that she’s excited about. Rainsford recently released a track that was co-written with, and produced by, Nick Dungo. Titled ‘Intentions’, the track continues her trajectory of carefully considered, lush R&B. The addition of Twin Shadow gives the track a sophisticated, curated feel.

Speaking about the track, she said, “The initial inspiration came from a confusing experience I was going through with a girl. And later, a similar experience with a guy that I started dating. In both cases, neither of us really knew what we wanted and were scared to really speak our minds. What were our intentions?”

We spoke about how she would describe her style because she was introduced to me as having an unapologetic frankness. “I think I’m able to be more open and honest in my lyrics than I am in my real life for the most part”, she said. “When I’m writing a song I try not to judge myself for what I want to say. And I definitely struggle with being self-critical”. 

Every song has a different message, especially for Rainsford on a personal level as she finds herself working through her feelings. There’s no one way she likes to work either; “Every song happens differently. But with co-writes it’s essential to have a certain level of comfortability. Being able to laugh and joke around helps a lot too. With ‘Intentions’, it took several months to write. And it had several different manifestations before it landed where it is now. During that time, I had two similar experiences in personal relationships. The track was my answer to those feelings of confusion, lust and defencelessness”. 

It’s about feeling uncertain and vulnerable, and the level of sincerity it holds runs strongly throughout. “I don’t know if the song taught me anything per se”, she added. “It came from me. But I’m certainly trying to allow myself to be more outspoken and ask for what I want. Rather than bottling up my emotions and hoping for the best. Which is my tendency…”


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