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Music February 9, 2018

Aneta, of Sweden, and Sinah, of Berlin, write and record their music in the Portuguese mountains. This music breathes life into soulful electronic-pop outlet, Syrra. Their new single ‘Sick’ is out today and talks about mental health and its effect on a relationship; the video was created by visual artist, Mineral Lick and is surreal but mesmerising. Syrra offer dark, layered and glacier electronica with soul.

Syrra create sounds that find beauty in strength and vulnerability. Their name derives from the Swedish word for ‘sister’ which perfectly encapsulates their creative space. This is a space in which they can both come with their flaws, insecurities and struggles, and support each other like sisters.

photo credit | Keira Cullinane

Speaking about the video, director Mineral Link aim was to visualise internal battles. “The video is about how our minds trigger uncontrollable sensations within our bodies. When these sensations are acknowledged, it is possible to embark on a journey for release and resolve with those who can empathise. Whether this be you and your friends hiding on a roof at a party until you are ready to come down. Or, them holding your hands whilst escaping an unhealthy relationship”.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the track was produced in the shadows of the Portuguese mountains. The space gave an inimitable atmosphere which the duo have continued to use for writing. The track was mixed with Mikko Gordon in London and follows 2017’s release, ‘I Can Be Mean’. Like its predecessor, ‘Sick’ encapsulates Sinah’s layered production and Aneta’s sincere vocals. Ending with the repeated refrain of, “All I ever wanted was a lover, all I ever got was just another little brother”, the track is lyrically raw.


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