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Music February 23, 2018

If 2017 was the year the London singer-songwriter launched his soulful, funk-rich approach to creating pop music, then 2018 is the year he’ll be firmly on the radar as an emerging star in the UK. Born in North-London to a Punjabi father and a mother from the midlands, AMiR has always had a burning passion for music. Since the tender age of two, he has been an all-out music obsessive.

Spending his formative years learning guitar, piano and drums, AMiR has worked to become the complete musician. He crafts all his own melodies and lyrics, and as an artist, he’s constantly writing and honing his craft.

AMiR combines accessible pop appeal with issues like the search for good in bad. Or how to move when you’re stuck, in love and life. Today he releases his new single, ‘No One Else’, and it premieres here.

Last year’s single, ‘Drench Me With Your Lust’, was a solid introduction to the AMiR sound, incorporating layers of funky guitar riffs, a swinging 4×4 kick pattern and thick, warm vocal harmonies. It wasn’t long before Spotify’s curation team got behind the track, boosting the track to over 100K streams in just over a week. Then to finish 2017, AMiR released the electro-funk single ‘All Or Nothing’ with a significant remix package.

Building from a soothing and soulful intro, his new single is the completely irresistible ‘No-One Else’. Immediately you can hear AMiR’s years of multi-instrumental talent. The star of the show, however, is AMiR’s impressive slap-bass skills, providing a compelling groove foundation for his smooth vocal performance.


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