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Music February 23, 2018

Southern California indie-pop trio, RÓSA, recently shared their new single ‘Nightmare’, which features on their newly released ‘The Taste of Another’ EP. Last year was productive for the band, and now they’re offering a glitchy, R&B infused brand of pop music.

Their new single, ‘Nightmare’ is about the anxiety of entering a space that carried meaning for you during a pervious time. “It’s about the weight of loss that comes crashing down on you when something familar, something that connects your present experience to your past, enters your field of perception”, explains vocalist Will Winters. “It’s a very terrifying place to be. For me, it was that feeling I had when I was walking in the downtown area of my college town. I thought I saw an ex at a place where we once spent time. Only to realise moments later that she had moved to New York months ago”.

‘The Taste of Another’ came from songs the band wrote over a long period of time. “We started recording it after a period of working intensively with other producers and wanted space to do something new”, they told us. “We did it all ourselves. It was very fun”. When asked if they write from personal experience they did not hesitate to reply with a simple yes. “We couldn’t imagine not, that seems boring to us!”, they continued. “The advantage of writing from personal experience is being able to actually connect with the people that listen”.

RÓSA produce and record all of their own music. “Deciding to do everything ourselves was simple”, they said. “We trusted ourselves more than we did other producers. Being in control of everything put a healthy sense of urgency and weight on the project. We had no one to blame but ourselves if we weren’t proud of it. It’s good to have that responsibility”. 


 ‘Nightmare’ is available on Spotify and Soundcloud. Listen to new the EP below


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