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Music March 1, 2018

Brooklyn based alt-pop artist, Demar, is premiering the new video for ‘Wild Ride’ here today. The video was fully choreographed by New York based dancer, Maleek Washington, who is best known for his work with Commonwealth Ballet, CityDance Ensemble, and the immersive show, Sleep No More. This is of course, in addition to a number of performances with the likes of Sia and Rihanna.

Demar first gained recognition with her Kendrick Lamar cover. Her debut EP, ‘Rebels’, then went on to be praised for its lyricism, R&B influenced sound and soulful vocals.


“‘Wild Ride’ is about the ups and downs of a relationship as it disintegrates”, she said. “The music video brings to life this narrative of feeling engulfed by the situation”. 

As Demar watched her own experience unfold in front of her, she recalls the draining nature of being pushed away and pulled right back in again. “The characters beautifully portray what happens when one person has control over another. While the video touches on many forms of addiction, the focus explores the idea of being addicted to a human being”.


‘Rebels’ is available to purchase and stream now

If you find yourself in Minneapolis or Chicago later this month, you can catch Demar at the following dates:
27th March – River Room at the Aster Cafe, Minneapolis, MN
29th March – City Winery, Chicago, IL
30th March – Seven Steps Up, Spring Lake, MI
31st March – Embers, Rensselaer, IN

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