by Noctis Online


Music March 2, 2018

Today, we have an exclusive first look at the new music video by on-the-rise singer-meets-songwriter, ARIA. Directed by Benjamin Edward Simmons, her latest single ‘Call Me’ expresses the letting-go of fear for the sake of love. It’s self assured and personal.

With soulful undertones and a voice best described as ethereal, ARIA marked her return to the music scene in 2017 with the release of ‘Hope’. In pure complementation, ‘Call Me’ is a fine blend of lyricism and instrumental. The verses are haunting, yet pleasing. And the upbeat choruses are set to a carefully crafted mix of guitars and synths.

The video is muted and simplistic, with abstract flashes strewn through it. Bursts of colour juxtapose with hazy aesthetics that seamlessly blend to tell the tale of a trying heart. Where the video does well is in the real-life setting ARIA finds herself in; the studio setting adds a sense of lightness to the narrative and reflects a sense of indecision.

Speaking about the track she said, “‘Call Me’ is about letting someone in, even if you’re someone who finds it hard to do that. It’s about letting your guard down, opening yourself to someone, and saying, ‘I like you, I’m sorry if I haven’t shown you that, but I’m going to try'”.



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