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Fashion March 6, 2018

LimKokWing University London Fashion Week AW18

Limkokwing University officially made their mark on London Fashion Week yet again, with an AW18 collection that boasts confidence, commitment and culture. With the concept ‘Date Night’, the students of Limkokwing seduced their audience with an array of flirtatious and daring designs.

LimKokWing University London Fashion Week AW18

If you’ve never heard of Limkokwing University, now is the time to pay attention. Not only does the institute welcome over 35,000 students across 160 countries, but it is also the first University to form their own fashion label, Limkokwing Fashion Club.

After seeing the show, I was lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with Tiffanee Marie Lim, Creative Director of Limkokwing Fashion Club, to find out what inspired the collection and what makes this University so special.

LimKokWing University London Fashion Week AW18
The concept for the AW18 collection is ‘Date Night’. Tell us more about this theme and why it was chosen.

Date Night was an easy way to phrase the anticipation and excitement we were feeling at the time of designing. I guess a few of us were in relationships and we had also travelled together as a team recently to a few destinations. We had lots of ideas about getting dressed up and feeling like a more seductive version of ourselves!

What challenges did the designers face when designing the collection, and how did Limkokwing University help overcome them?

The team includes people from so many different levels of education, from first semester to postgraduate, so it was great to see how everybody ended up contributing. We all learnt loads I think. Our lecturers taught us how to make stuff along the way, so that whoever wanted to contribute could.

We reached out to our students and staff throughout the Limkokwing network and collected whatever weird shreds of culture we could. Whatever people offered, we took. Studying all sorts of countries and trying to piece things that would never match together: Thai Silk with Botswana German Print with beads and embroidery from China, Borneo in rasta colours.

It was quite amazing, late night reviews and Saturday/Sundays at the studio. It was challenging because we had only Christmas and Chinese New Year seasons to make the clothes. We did some initial things over email and our suppliers were all on holiday. We ended up making almost everything on campus.

LimKokWing University London Fashion Week AW18
What do you think is attracting so many young creatives to study at this institution and what will they gain here over anywhere else?

The Founder President Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, and his vision. He must be one of the most inspiring people in the world and all we want to do is make him proud! His ideas on education and how to design are the reasons for the University’s dynamism, and he is behind literally all our recognitions. It’s an endless opportunity to be mentored by him and soak up the energy at Limkokwing. The University is extremely conceptual and competitive. Our graduates are confident and stylish because they are cultured and motivated.

If the students of Limkokwing University left their studies remembering only 1 piece of advice, what should it be?

To be the best.

LimKokWing University London Fashion Week AW18

Finally, do you have any thoughts for what you would like to achieve next season?

We want more industry at our show and we want to get better at curating stories. The label will expand, we hope, and the University should be world famous!



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