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Music March 7, 2018

Formed by the belief that true friends can create something meaningful, Percival Elliott are an indie rock duo from the south coast of England. Together, Olly Hite and Samuel Carter-Brazier have united to grace audiences with their poignant lyricism and neo-nostalgic melodies.

Named in memory of Hite’s great grandfather, Percival Elliott was born in 1883. He was an inventor who created one of the first ice cream emporiums in Brighton. The duo discovered a dusty box of trinkets in the back of Hite’s family attic. The untouched time capsule unveiled Percival Elliott’s mysterious inventions, engraved ice-cream paraphernalia, haunted photographs and time honoured war medals. The revelation of these long-forgotten treasures became embedded within their imagination and musical creativity. Thus, Percival Elliott was reborn.

It was with great excitement that they recently shared the new rock’n’roll infused video for their unruly track, ‘Betty’. Featuring hard-hitting piano melodies, gritty guitars and powerful dynamics, they are creating a sound that is hard to be ignored. ‘Betty’ tells the tragic story of a lost soul who has been left broken and alone after once being the star of the silver screen.

‘Betty’ bursts with energy and showcases versatility with a much bolder sound. Particularly when compared to their previous single ‘Forever’. Thematically the single focuses on how a life of fame, fortune and stardom can leave you feeling broken and alone. The track is a reminder that success is not measured by levels of prosperity and that the media can distort reality.

“This track holds a black mirror to society. It reflects upon how we all dress ourselves up to the world and pretend to be ok when deep down we’re not”, said Carter-Brazier.


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