by Jodie Shepherd


Music March 19, 2018

“I was born into a house of musicians and actors”, Tally Spear began as I asked her how her musical journey started. “Being surrounded by great music and creativity was just a part of my upbringing. I was trained in piano at seven, which inspired me to start writing my own music later on”.

Despite coming from a creative background, her path is entirely her own. “What I’m doing is totally different to any of my family”, she said. “There haven’t been any female songwriters in my bloodline that I know of. So, I can’t really compare myself! As a writer though, I think you usually pave your own unique path without realising it. No matter your background…”

To many, Tally Spear projects an image of being a very clued up and driven young Londoner. And, talented as she may be, she’s spent the last year building her name on the live circuit. Needless to say, she’s even been earning acclaim for her addictive and insightful folk country driven pop compositions. However, underneath it all Tally Spear is just another 22 year old who is confronted with as many pressures and insecurities as we all are.


Her latest single, ‘Just Don’t Know’ is open and honest. “It’s about the pressures we feel to know what we’re doing at a young age”, she added. “Post graduation, I was feeling pretty confused about everything. I think everyone else was feeling that way too. I don’t think we should have to pretend to know all the answers all of the time”.

In this industry, you never know what’s coming next, which is something she likes. The culmination of her efforts comes in the form of the Fade To White EP. It’s a project way beyond the artists formative years, and a marker laid down for one of the most promising young songwriters on the scene.

The songs that Tally Spear writes are like patchwork. “They have a little bit of everything in them. My personal feelings, my comments on our society and politics… Social commenting is probably one of the most dominant themes in my writing. But it’s all quite implicit. I like to be ambiguous in what I’m referring to. That makes for more interesting interpretations by each listener”.


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