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Music March 27, 2018


South East London singer-songwriter-musician, Laolu, premieres the dark and gripping, avant-garde music video for ‘All In Me’ here today. Taken from her forthcoming debut EP of the same name, ‘All In Me’ is Laolu’s first offering in nearly three years, having quit music due to her battles with depression.

While the pressures of the music business didn’t help Laolu at the time, this music video offers a thematic representation of the single. The lyrics are thought provoking, and see Laolu addressing her struggle with depression. Through music, she is exploring the highs and lows of this constant battle, highlighting how the battle is within, and often feels like a battlefield of the mind.

Speaking about the origins of the ‘All In Me’ music video, Laolu said that the idea came about quite easily. “I focused on the battle within myself mentally and physically”, she said. “I focused on how I appeared okay, but inside I was in very dark space. We created a ‘me vs. me’ theme, pitting me against myself in something like a battlefield of the mind. The two characters in the video sing the words because both are a part of me. But only one is the real me and that’s who I should be”.

The single opens with the line ‘What else do you want from me?’, which is poignant to the controlling nature of mental instability. “Depression can be very evil”, she continued. “It can manifest in your thoughts sometimes constantly attacking you, you beat yourself up and aren’t good to the real you. I focused on how depression can seep in slowly. On some days when you think you’re having a good day, out of nowhere, your mental space is just clouded with negativity and it’s very scary”.

The real Laolu is not seen in agony, but you can see she wants to be free from the darkness, from the struggle that’s taken over. “There’s a bath scene which feels important for me, as it showed me letting go and freeing myself. This video for ‘All In Me’ means the start of a new me. It’s an introduction of sorts, it opens up the story to what happened in my past. It’s an explanation of why I went M.I.A, and represents a new beginning, washed of all that held me back in the past”.


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