Looking For Something Epic to Listen to This Easter Weekend? Check Out ‘Southern Rock Opera’ by The Drive-By Truckers

by D I Hughes


Music March 29, 2018

Throughout the decades, concept albums have proved dazzling, inspiring and downright odd – the likes of (in my humble opinion) The Who’s ‘Tommy’, Godley and Creme’s ‘Consequences’ and The Small Faces’ wonderfully nutty knees up, ‘Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake’ being up there with the best of them.

Now, we all know the Easter story, biblical or bunny-based, depending on your preference. But, if you’re looking for something a little more gritty, alternative and whisky soaked this weekend, you should check out ‘Southern Rock Opera’ by the Drive-By Truckers.

A gem of a concept album, this LP will hook you in from start to finish.

Written and performed by the bonafide Southern rockers, this record took six years to complete, and it shows.

This 20-track epic depicts what lead Trucker Patterson Hood calls ‘The Duality of the South’, telling a narrative that centres around the rise and fall of the mighty Lynyrd Skynyrd, a premise that gives the band a platform to bestow unique observations onto the listener. And it’s rocking. And it’s deep. And it’s enthralling. And you should listen to it.

Here’s a track called ‘Zip City’ to give you a little taste:



I won’t give away any particular details of the two-part tale, but all I will say is sit down with your mates, grab a few cold ones, stick this on YouTube, fire it up on the old voice controlled gizmo or hell, buy the record online – and get lost in what I believe is one of the best concept albums ever made.

Oh, and Happy Easter.

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