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Music May 4, 2018

Birmingham duo, Wavy Gang, who are Yemz and Ddroid, are continuing to build their own hype as one of the most exciting talents to appear from the UK. Their latest track, ‘Stylish Guy’, features Gambini and is the first signing to Birmingham’s emerging, Maffia Records. It seems the young Nigerian-heritage artists come through with the kind of natural style and hook that’s set to put Wavy Gang on the map.

The duo offer a serious understated flair and finesse, balanced by their rich Afro-swing melody. It’s the kind of combination that, with the addition of a subtle hook, immediately defines them as ones to watch.

wavy gang

Speaking about the track, Yemz and Ddroid said, “‘Stylish Guy’ came about at the video shoot for our last single ‘Hourglass’. Our manager, Maf, turned up and said ‘You lot are looking stylish!’. We replied saying that we’re stylish guys. We thought it’d be interesting to turn it into a song and wrote the hook, then sorted the beat the day after.” Simple.


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