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Music May 18, 2018

Testing out a newly mended heart, electro-pop artist Charlotte Black laments on the up and downs of finding summer love with her catchy new single ‘Nobody Else’. Concluding a debut trilogy of releases as strongly as she began it, the track details the next chapter in a story of loving intensity. Alongside previous tracks ‘All Over You’ and ‘SYCL’, the bitter sweet trilogy of singles acts as the perfect introduction to Charlotte’s introspective musings on modern love.

Originally from Edinburgh and now based in London, Charlotte Black has benefitted from various writing and collaborating trips to LA, sessions which have resulted in more singles due to drop this year, plus a schools tour of the UK planned for this September.

The hotly tipped Scottish songstress’ sound has been described as “a union of exposed, from-the-heart lyrics told through a contemporary, sounds-like-summer production.” This approach to music making is exemplified by a rich and intimate vocal performance; coupled with a future leaning electro pop production courtesy of LA producer Tombi.

“This is my favourite out of the three,” she said. “For me it captures that intense feeling of summer love, and how in those fleeting fiery moments you really don’t want ‘Nobody Else’. It concludes my trilogy by leaving listeners on a bit of an emotional cliff hanger. Will she or won’t she pursue her summer love in the following tracks…”


‘Nobody Else’ is out now.

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