by Polly Havelock


Music May 20, 2018

Born in Saratov, Russian artist Gg has led a far from conventional life. Forced to flee from her home town at the age of thirteen due to her father’s death at the hands of a Russian Mob, Gg grabbed just two things: a gun, and her cello.

Gg eventually managed to escape to Moscow where she enrolled at Moscow’s Conservatoire of Music. It was here that her love of alternative music was discovered and she formed her first band ‘Dry’.

Fast forward a few years, and Gg is now creating and producing as a solo artist. After the success of her debut EP ‘Four Days’, Gg is back with another daringly arthouse track titled ‘Freezing’. Gg’s vocals traverse through the song in a hauntingly delicate way. Ethereal and eerie with a twist of beauty, Gg knows exactly how to intrigue and enthral her listeners.

Her extraordinary backstory, and alternative musical influences and education combine to create a truly unique sound. Gg is an artist as much as she is a Musician and her new track really proves this point.

Follo Gg on Instagram, and keep an eye out for ‘Freezing which is officially released on July 20th

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