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Music May 21, 2018

Australian singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Didirri, recently released his new single ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’.

Didirri’s birth name derives from an indigenous word and meditation practice called Dadirri, which means ‘Deep, Quiet, Listening’. His latest single was written the night before he left for a UK trip, having rekindled a recent flame. The single came from contemplating the taboo of talking about sex.

Speaking about the single he said, I understand being cautious in telling people to think through their sexual encounters. Obviously there are huge consequences, but for me there is an absolute distinct lack in telling people that sex is fun and beautiful. It is about connection to someone you love. It is something that every single person on this earth is the result of. It’s a part of life. Why demonise that.”


Originally from a town called Warrnambool, three hours out of Melbourne, he spent years honing his craft and busking his way through Melbourne. Didirri developed a powerful songwriting and story-telling dynamic of uninhibited lyrics that tug at raw nerves. His charming melodies soothe the heart.

He continued to speak about the single and said quite honestly, that sex is a part of life; “I feel as though it is the strangest taboo I’ve come across in all of my education.” The ‘Measurements’ EP, our on July 6th, will feature previous singles ‘Blind You’, ‘Formaldehyde’ and ‘Jude’; new single ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’ sits alongside the aforementioned, as well as two new tracks.

As Didirri ponders different aspects of his own morality, he holds a measuring tape up to himself and the world around him. He offers a unique insight into his frequent contemplations and personal realisations. “Each song I write tackles a different part of my own morality,” he said. “I was pondering metaphorically what my scribblings were and came to the conclusion that they are my ‘measuring tape’ to hold up to the world. The yardstick to check myself with”.


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