Aka George “Blazing”

by Noctis Online


Music May 29, 2018


AKA George blurs the barriers between kitsch, eccentric, and bold forging his own unique path accumulating over 30 million YouTube views. The Artist has headlined the Silver Hayes stage at Glastonbury, packed out secret gigs around London, and received multiple critical acclaims, even been described as a ‘genius’ by Pharrell Williams. His new single Blazing is an ode to standing up, fighting and letting go to moments of joy.

“Blazing is about having belief in yourself despite all the shit that life throws at you. The idea for it came about in the middle of a huge festival I was playing in Spain. It was rammed – there were about twenty thousand people in this huge town square. Most of them had never heard of me before and they probably all had their own life problems and issues, but for that one small moment in time it was all forgotten. I looked out from the stage and just saw a sea of arms. We were on fire that night. I just thought, these people are amazing, I feel amazing. I went back to the hotel room and wrote Blazing.”

aka george new track blazing

Listen to the new single Blazing officially released on 30th May when AKA George will also headline Hoxton Bar & Kitchen.



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aka george blazing new music