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by Megan Wallace


Music June 6, 2018

When London rapper Ramz (Ramone Rochester), turned his back on his studies to embrace his musical career, he made a decision which would hurtle him into the charts and onto the path of UK stardom. Still in his early twenties, the artist broke onto the scene with 2017’s ‘Barking’; a tune which caught the national zeitgeist and skyrocketed to Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

In the hectic months since then, he has been busy releasing singles ‘Power’ and ‘Family Tree’ and honing his musical talents. We were lucky enough to catch up with the prodigious musician to discuss musical beginnings, the songs he’s loving at the moment and the story behind his elusive stage name.

Ramz photographed by Jake Turney

Has music always been an important aspect of your life?

I have always loved music, from a young age I used to enjoy music lessons in school, and I can also play the drums which I find cool. I used to play around by myself and with my friends rapping lyrics and doing freestyles from young but I released my first track “I’m on my grind” on YouTube early last year.

What’s the thing behind your stage name ‘Ramz’?

I used to play football regularly and even played at a semi-pro level, and all my teammates and friends would call me Ramz so I stuck with it.

Ramz photographed by Jake Turney

You first got noticed with hit single ‘Barking’,  which makes reference to the London area by the same name. In what other ways has your London background fed into your music?

It feeds into all my music honestly, because it’s where I’ve grown up from young so I take a lot of inspiration from what I see and the people around me.

What are your favourite songs of the moment?

I love how well the U.K. scene is doing right now, but I like some US artists as well. Some of my favourite songs are Mo Stack  What I Wanna, Ella Mai – Boo’d up, Raye – Confidence, J Hus – Sekkle down and Fredo – Never

Ramz photographed by Jake Turney

Ramz’s new release Family Tree is out now and available here


INTTERVIEW BY Megan Wallace |  (@_GO_FISH)

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