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by Ashanti Jason


Music June 7, 2018

Before I go out on stage a superstition of mine is to close my eyes followed by a “let’s do this!”

The Beginning

My first memory of music was most likely dancing to Michael Jackson’s music videos on VHS at the age of two or three. I played that tape until it broke. The first moment that really got me into music and really looking into the depth of music was discovering Bon Iver around early 2015.  The original spark was in about 2009 when I saw a drum kit and met my first love.

Re Teu interview

As I do design, I quite like aesthetics also matching with the music. I want it to be more than just audio and take you to a place. I feel like artists such as Bon Iver, Novo Amor, A Blaze of Feather, Dermot Kennedy, Island and Amber Run all do this so well. They also give me a unique feeling when listening, which inspire sounds in my own writing.


For A King and His Glory‘ is the name of my most recent debut EP record. I wanted it to be a regal, unique and powerful entrance into the world and presenting to the world me. The feeling as if you are standing on top of the jagged mountains of Iceland, screaming amongst the winds or far out in the ocean with deep waves. Whether or not I capture that? I guess that’s for the listener to decide.

Majority of the song was recorded in late 2017,  in my room. I recorded it with my instruments and then sent it on to my producer, to get mastered. It’s pretty cool to be able to just do it in my room, it really cuts out costs because you can still get the same quality if you get the right people to help you out. Writing the songs normally spawn from a voice note I would take, whilst camping or surfing. Ask any musician to see their voice notes haha, you’ll see tons.

Re Teu interview

Outside of music

In three words, I’d describe myself as; cool, calm and collected. I skated for over 9 years and still do when I can, it was a really good way to stay busy and focused when I was young. Now I love doing sports and joining in at university like Ice Hockey, Rowing, Surfing. Drawing is probably the best downtime when I’m watching a film or something.


My most memorable moment from a gig was at the end of the EP launch show, a fan came up to me and said such kind words it had me in tears. Really felt like this music stuff was paying off. I haven’t even been in the game that long and I feel blessed to say that is already a tough question! I’d probably say my début EP launch show at Rescue Rooms – Nottingham, packed venue, sold out merchandise, was great. But I do have my Headline show in London coming up as well as Splendour Festival, so it’s about to be a free for all for the best show! The best gig I’ve been to was Don Broco at Rock City in 2015. Absolutely phenomenal.


Playing these festivals and shows was my major resolution this year and releasing the EP went down very well. Now I have a level of professionalism to carry on with. The second EP is already in the making. As soon as the last mini “release tour” is done with Splendour Festival, I will look to drop something soon after that. I don’t want any big gaps in my work. Leaving it until then allows it to also not be rushed and improper. For A King and His Glory was about a mountain top standing feeling. Now picture that on a celestial, ethereal and cold level. That is what is to come of Re Teu.

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