Heidi Petite “Pretty Now”

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Music June 10, 2018

Confetti Crowd member, songwriter, activist and canvas artist from London, Heidi Petite, releases a new single about the effects social media is having on young people’s mental health.

Heidi is one of four members of the colourful girl group that express their personality through the use of colour and fashion. Last year, we interviewed the whole gang as well as our ‘Industry Bible’ issue. On the 4th June, Heidi released her new single Pretty Now, exposing how she uses photo-editing tools such as Photoshop and Face tune.

She is known for her use of storytelling in her songwriting and labeled as an artist similar to the likes of Katy Perry and Melanie Martinez. Sticking to her Confetti Crowd routes in her new music video, she has merged female empowerment and the rainbow aesthetic to create a track all about the struggles of conforming to the unrealistic beauty standards that are fed to us on social media.

The music video tells the stories of three different girls, all acted by Heidi herself, who are struggling with this issue.I wanted to convey different types of girls, the extreme version of girls that are rarely shown as we feel we have to fit this ‘perfect’ image that today’s beauty standards show us. I wanted these three girls to be completely different, yet to all be going through the same struggle.”

The video starts by revealing a statistic written in a notepad that 80% of social media users think it’s easy to be deceived by others online. Instagram is used by the majority of young people within our generation, and issues such as the ones addressed in Heidi’s new single, make it hard for people to love the skin they are in. Heidi explains her inspiration behind the song: “I came up with the concept for my video after witnessing my 12-year-old cousin edit herself on a phone app, and it scared me to think that she is a child and she already feels like she is not good enough.”

Each girl depicted in the music video goes through the same cycle before uploading an image of herself online. They fix their ‘imperfections’ in the mirror using makeup; take a stream of photos; edit them by reshaping their facial features to look more like the insta-famous girls on their feed; then cry alone to themselves about how they look. This is a cycle that seems very relatable to people within our online obsessed generation and Heidi needs to be applauded for shedding light on an issue that affects so many of us.

“To me, this track symbolises the constant battle young girls face as we are the social media generation who constantly look to the virtual reality for approval. I want this song to cause a discussion and to make people think about what they put out online and to consider how much pressure they feel to manipulate their body/face with editing apps,Heidi explains.

With Heidi alone having over 41K followers on Instagram, we have no doubts that her new single will spread a positive message that we shouldn’t have to filter ourselves and conform to these ridiculous beauty standards that society has given us – being your true self is enough to feel beautiful.

Pretty now is available to stream and buy online


Natalie Blain @nialbeilatan | WRITER

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