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Music June 13, 2018
Few bands in recent years have been greeted with as much excitement as Copenhagen’s CHINAH; comprised of Fine Glindvad, Simon Kjær, and Simon Andersson they’ve been working together as a band since 2014. Following the release of their first two EPs, “Once the Lights are On” and “Hints”, they have been picking up serious critical acclaim amongst the elite tastemakers.
They now return with their long-awaited new release ‘Yeah Right’.


“Yeah Right” sees a slick and moody return to their R&B and alternative pop roots. It also serves as a seductive teaser of what to expect from their anticipated debut album later this year. The track depicts dark soundscapes that continues to embrace their pop and R&B essence. But it also explores strange new lands through melting textures. The disconcerting and hypnotic single should appear on their upcoming debut album due out later this year.

Having already cut their teeth live at some of the hottest festivals worldwide incl. Roskilde, By:Larm and Iceland Airwaves, this is a gorgeous and timely return from one of the most hyped new acts of recent years. Be prepared to hear a lot more of Chinah in 2018.



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