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by Ashanti Jason


Music June 22, 2018

If you know about Drones Club, you know that there isn’t a music act like them. Drones club are a collective of many, with three front facing members at the helm. The incredible electronic group are back in action  with their new single “The Dirty Road”

How did the name Drones Club come about?

 We believed that humanity was in danger of becoming alienated, disconnected: hovering about and observant but unable to participate, like a bunch of damn drones. The Drones Club is literally a social club for drones: we can come together and by becoming anonymous remember who we really are, feel alive again!

How do you balance being part of such a large collective?

It balances itself, the larger the group the sweeter the treats as the saying goes! Drones Club is a scale model of society – a utopian maquette. It has its inherent checks and balances and oscillations of energy, just like any organism. Society itself, in one sense, can be seen as a magnified model of the human brain. Sciences overlap like this – they all study the universe just on different scales – similarly in music rhythm is the same as harmony just on different timeframes – if you speed up a polyrhythm enough you will hear a chord. The universe is chaotic but wonderfully patterned. So yeah we get along like an absolute house on fire.

What was your creative process when putting together your single “The Dirty Road”?

We were hammering round Ibiza in a little Fiat when that Change song ‘Lover’s Holiday’ came on. Soon as we got back to the studio we were like: let’s do that but filthy, thick, dripping in flute. Lyrically it’s about the Drones Club way/path – to paraphrase Robert Frost – taking the road less hammered down. The whole process flowed wonderfully, looking back on it.

How do you see Drones club evolving, and what should we expect for 2018/2019?

We’ve just done a sick collaboration with the talented fashion designer Lucy James. We would love to do more collaborations expanding into areas outside of music. As our vision, our doctrine matures it becomes more and more appropriate to jam it into other areas of life. Along with the singles over the coming months, we’re polishing up an album, which is sounding massive. Long term we’re just gonna keep slipping and sliding, staying reactive. We’ve changed so much in the last three years since our conception that on a personal level I’m fucking excited to see where it goes next.



Interview by Adorngirl

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