Robson Kingshott | New Faces

by Ashanti Jason


Fashion June 26, 2018

Robson Kingshott may be a New Face when it comes to modelling but he has hit the ground running, which is a testament to not just his strong look, but his natural ease in front of the camera.


Robson Kingshott

Agency: Nevs

Height: 6’1″/186
Chest: 36.5/92
Waist: 31/79
Shoe: 10/44.5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue

Robson Kingshott


Who would win between a tiger and a shark?

They would make an alliance, and become friends ( but the tiger would win )

Laurel or Yanny?


Who would play you in a film?

Jonathon Rhys-Myers

What would be your dream booking, and what Photographer would you like to work with?

An Armani Exchange billboard & Tim Walker

What was your last google search?

How to spell aisle in wedding aisle


Photography by Adorngirl


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