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Fashion July 1, 2018

Set in a whimsical floral paradise, Untitled Custody share their brand new fashion film and editorial project. Among the lustre and mysterious aesthetics and accompanied by a sweetly mellifluous soundtrack, we are enthralled in the story of a beautiful yet enigmatic woman. Creative director and model Jenny O’Sullivan speaks to Noctis about the technical side of her project, showcasing two sides of her impressive skill set.

“VOL 1, Untitled Custody’s first shoot combines contrasting colours, patterns and prints inspired by Gucci Fashion. The vision after creating a treatment was to build and install a set in which we would create images and a short fashion film displaying 4 differently styled looks. Once we had the shoot concept a production team was needed to bring it to life in which each individual was chosen for the talent of what they do and how they could enhance the vision.

The main section of the set was floral themed with draping flowers of different levels giving it an enchanted feel. With the overall visuals looking quite delicate and feminine we wanted the styling to bring a more masculine edge. This combined with the creative light set ups for each look from light and soft to dark and moody gives of a completely different vibe from a normal fashion shoot.”

Art Director: Jenny O’Sullivan 
Produced by: Untitled Custody
Director: KC Locke
Photographers: KC Locke & Sally Sparrow
Director of Photography : Rick Bailey 
Behind the scenes video: Jamil Shaukat/Friendly Dictator (KLASH PRODUCTIONS)
Behind the Scenes photography: Phoebe Trezise 
Model: Jenny O’Sullivan
Stylist: Kirsty Mcguigan
Hair Stylist : Melissa Timperely & Michelle Clarke
Makeup: Kandi Cosmetics
Production Assistant: Harrison Locke

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