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by Polly Havelock


Music July 5, 2018

Having already garnered attention in the states, Pop-fusion collective President Street are now ready to introduce themselves to a British audience. Headed by Peter Moses, ‘President Street’ has a contemporary musicality that gives them a truly fresh and unique vibe.

Hailing from Perth, Australia, it was not long before Pete’s world was shaken by tragedy. His mother and three of his siblings tragically died in a road accident, before one of his older sisters died just a few years later. His Father then passed away because of an unknown and aggressive brain tumour when Pete was just thirteen years old.

What followed these tragedies was university, and a stint as a first year lawyer, however Pete soon realised he was bored by the monotony of everyday life and decided to move to Hong Kong. It was here that he jumped on stage to improvise with a Latin band. ‘I jumped up on stage and started playing congas. I’d never played any instrument at that point in my life’, this experience led him to play with the band more regularly.

‘After gigging around for a bit I realised that my real passion was actually in the creation of music’, and so he turned his attention to music production. He bought garage band and started to figure out how to build and layer sounds together.

‘Like all kids I found solace in music but it never occurred to me at all to learn music – I think I was just too busy working day to day trying to get my stuff together and putting one foot in front of the other’.

President Street’s first EP Involuntary Actions (titled as such because for Pete, music is just this, an involuntary action) was picked up by some 100 radio stations in the States with solid rotation, with it even hitting some charts. They are now making a dramatic comeback with a new single ‘Need You Now’ and a cinematic new music video featuring the star of Australian prison drama ‘Wentworth Prison’ Kate Jenkinson.

The video is daringly Arthouse and beautifully cinematic, and yet it has a truly sinister vibe. Featuring hyper-realistic mannequins and dystopian faceless women, the video is visually superb. Kate gives a stellar performance throughout, with the shots of her being gagged and covered in paint feeling truly traumatic. Watching, you assume what feels like the role of a voyeur, you are somewhere you shouldn’t be, watching something you shouldn’t be – and yet you cannot look away.

‘It was written at my absolute darkest hour when everything in my life had just become too much. It was about trying to explore and understand that desperation’. Remarks Pete when asked about the inspiration behind the new track. It is moving, and relatable, and real. With the recent release of ‘Need You Now’ and the promise of more music in the pipeline, we don’t know what to expect from this Australian collective in the future – but we do know that it will be musically superb, and uniquely beautiful whatever it is.


Polly Havelock | WRITER

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