by Jodie Shepherd


Music July 5, 2018

Comprised of Rose Yagmur (Lead Vocals/Bass), Kat Beazley (Guitar) and George Parnell (Lead Guitar), Katie King (Guitar), Max Sealy (Drums), Valeras are an up-and-coming band who met through a local charity called Reading Rock Academy back in the summer of 2013. “We were all pretty young, so it wasn’t anything serious at the time,” they said. “As we grew older and more passionate towards what we were doing, Valeras was born.” The name stems from a city in Venezuela, where Rose is from.

Despite still being young, they feel the only challenges they face are the ones that any musician would doubtless have to go through; “You know, like technical or travelling difficulties. Or whatever it may be. I guess the only difference would have to be is that people still view us as very young.”

Their sound takes what it can from a plethora of genres. “Everything is blended together and we try to make something out of it,” they said. “George is influenced by Jazz music, whereas Rose listens to a lot of Latin. So it works out when it comes to putting the music together because those two styles are very similar when put into perspective.”

Reading, where the band currently reside, has always been big in the music circuit. “You have bands like Sundara Karma and The Amazons who have helped carve a path for other bands from Reading,” they said fondly, speaking of the culture in the area. “There are always gigs to go to. In general, there’s a lot of wicked art and music in Reading. We’re lucky to be in a town that appreciates it and that we can be part of it.”

The dynamic of the band is simple, and it doesn’t involve a male versus female ethos; “George is pretty much always coming up with ideas that Rose will write lyrics or melodies to, or the other way around. As a band we’ll develop it and just jam ideas until we’re satisfied with it. I don’t think anything changes because of the female/male element. We’re both very similar in terms of what we want in our music… Most of the time anyway!”

In terms of a narrative, Rose Yagmur will often write with a purpose or message in mind. But at times, lyrics will come from a place that she is not even aware of. “I like to let my thoughts say what they have to say,” she said, “without realising it’s something that I’m dealing with and I’m just writing about it subconsciously. Painkiller and Louder are both about personal subjects and both kind of similar. Painkiller is about love gone wrong, Louder is about giving love another chance.”

There is no over-arching message with Valeras though; “I guess every song is a different message in itself. So the theme is how personal this is to us and how much of ourselves we put into it. We don’t necessarily aim to be different to others, we just want to be true to our music and make the sort of sounds that we would enjoy listening to.”

The future is always unpredictable. There is no 5-year plan, but they have a hope that they can do this for the long run. Or at least try to… For now, let the music speak for itself.



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