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Music July 7, 2018

When you ask someone about the underground music scene in Manchester, they will more than likely mention Manchester’s very own MASON Collective. A collective specialising in house, groove and who are not afraid to play a drake song or two, Mason are known for giving party go-errs what they want.


The dynamic trio made of Adam Myles, Omar Guedar & Blair Suarez, has really gone on to make a mark in the UK music scene. The past year & a half has seen major success for the group in many areas, but especially for their event Tektu which has been a sell out each time in both Manchester and Birmingham. This year MASON were once again asked to DJ Parklife Festival (check out our review here), seeing as they’re from Manchester this camewith a great sense of honor and accomplishment for the DJ’s. Apart from Omar, the collective has always been based in Manchester from upbringing and the universities that the guys studied at. However, Omar studied a degree in the second city, being the reason why their Tektu event is so popular in Birmingham. After university Omar moved back to Manchester, where the foundations of the MASON Collective were created. Blair Suarez who is 1/3 off the collective speaks on how, “MASON started out just as 3 guys who wanted to make their own party”. For the group summer 2018 has began with a bang, from Parklife, rooftop parties, Ibiza, Outlook festival and even playing Fabric has given the collective a great deal of credibility.

Enabling this to become a full time career for the guys, backstage at Parklife Adam mentioned how he had just quit his job earlier that week. The collective has a lot of versatility under their belt due to them all having influence from different genres of music, such as groove, French house, American rap and even influenced by the music they grew up hearing their parents play.

After seeing MASON perform on the Smirnoff Ice House stage, people who are fans of the collective or even those who love house music were able to see them playing some of the finest house and techno tracks. When explaining how they usually structure a set, Omar spoke on how “a cohesive flow to the set is majorly important”. He also went on to explain a code word they usually use to drop a track that will get the crowd going, “when one of us is spinning some tracks I look at one of these guys and tell them to drop a wogga and they will know what time it is”.

Both nights of Parklife saw the guys host after parties along side a Birmingham based collective Trphse, in the vibrant city of Manchester. Which included a performance from friend IAMDDB. The after parties also saw, a guest set from music and radio pioneer Joe Kay who is know as the host of world renowned radio show Soulection.

When MASON organise events they go all out but it isn’t as easy as it looks, from the venue preparation with set design, venue requirements and even people asking for guest list last minute is probably the most difficult part of hosting a night. However, Blair claims how “when hundreds of people are selling out our event and on the night we see them all swarming in, to what always turns out the be a good night it makes all the stress worthwhile”.

Talking on the future of the collective Adam gave us a preview of what’s next for the future of MASON, although he wasn’t able to mention names he revealed that MASON have working with labels they’ve always wanted to work with and that their schedule is getting extremely full.

Young people have been travelling from around the UK for the MASON experience, but the trio want to be able to bring the party to more cities with some exiting things in the pipeline. The future of MASON Collective is looking bright and without doubt will soon be taking over major cities in the UK.



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