Farr Festival 2018

by Noctis Online


Music July 19, 2018

The 9th Annual Farr Fest 2018 was the host to my very first time experiencing it and this definitely will not be my last either. The weekend that saw endless heat and the victory of England on the big screen in The Factory stage that showcased the game was one I’ll never forget.

Hertfordshire’s ever growing festival within Bygrave Woods was the home to thousands of music, food and fun lovers over the weekend. Throughout the three-day festival Farr had some of the world’s finest exponents of electronic music. Names to mention being Gerd Janson and Dixon who delivered a transcending set at The Shack, personal favourites Maribou State and Tom Misch fulfilling incredible performances at The Factory stage. Plus, Optimo and Young Marco’s majestic back-to-back execution at Adventures in Success. Through to Rezzett, Claro Intelecto and Ramjac Corporation’s sublime live sets at Campfire Headphase.

My first day at Farr began with finding myself exploring the endless stalls of Boutiques that offered all types of funky, quirky and vibrant clothing, accessories, nicks and nacks. All stalls manned by those who own and run their independent businesses and selling their artistry. From here I began to explore the site and find my bearings with the placements of the five stages that the festival had to offer, through this I discovered the chill out area that offered hammocks and shade from the blistering heat, a communal space that soon became where I’d meet a lot of people when chilling out in-between acts.

Eventually it was time to see Tom Misch who delivered a tranquil, idyllic and blissful performance that had the crowd encapsulated with his soft voice and melodies. From there the rest of the evening was filled with stage jumping from all the different DJs they had performing through till the early hours of the morning. To paint a picture, as the music for day one came to an end we began to head back to the campsite and the sunrise lit the sky with a soft pink hue across the wheat field that separates the stage area from the campsite.

Day two was the exploration of the various food and drink stalls that Farr had to offer. Once I had got past the ice cream van that was situated at the front of the campsite before you make your way to the venue area I came across the plethora of food stalls that were scattered along the site. From Made of Dough’s stone baked pizza’s accompanied with glasses of Prosecco and beer, to the Buttermilk Chicken stall and A Taste of Africa, there was plenty to choose from. Having tried the pizza on my first day, day two allowed me to explore what else was on offer leading me to try the Spanish chorizo and chicken paella which set me up well for the evening of music. Once I had finished exploring the food and drink stalls it was time to watch Maribou State who performed a transcending set that had the whole crowd moving with a buzzing atmosphere. Maribou State performing on The Factory stage would be one of the highlights of the festival for myself.

Now at the third day into the festival I spent my morning headed into the site to find some shade due to the beaming sun. Once situated outside The House of Dinosaur tent I came across the hip-hop yoga class that was taking place and not being a yoga enthusiast wasn’t a reason to shy away as this class was open to all and great fun. After walking around I came across Wonderlandia, a small area that you pay a small fee to chill out and rejuvenate within. This space offered breezy and cosy tepee tents that you could rest in amongst all the pillows, a number of hot tubs, an ice cold pool to cool off within and also showers available to refresh yourself. It was safe to say I had found myself in a haven at this point and left feeling ready to take on the final day of the festival well rested and clean after chilling out within this wonderland. After this it was time to head to see one of my personal main attractions to Farr Festival, Hunee. Hunee headlined The Factory stage on Sunday evening leading to vibrant, lively and high spirited close to the weekend.

Moreover, my first time at Farr Festival was a blissful, exciting and fulfilling weekend which I’ll definitely ensure is not the last time I visit. From the amazing atmosphere of being surrounded by the woods, the buzzing vibe from all the festival goers, the artistry that surrounds within all the tents and stalls, this Festival is definitely not one to miss. Next year will be Farr Festivals 10th Anniversary and as the festival grows year by year it is only getting better and better. See you next year Farr.


Connor Egan | WRITER

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