Sam Way “Hard Feelings” | AUDIO PREMIERE

by Polly Havelock


Music July 20, 2018

Riding on the success of his previous single ‘You and All Your Things’, Sam Way is back and ready to enamour listeners once more with his beautiful musicality and powerfully vulnerable lyrics.

The single starts off simply with an unassuming strings riff, an introduction that provides the perfect stage for Sam Way’s characteristically soothing tones and painfully intimate lyrics. His vocals have a real tenderness, and yet he manages to have total control, his vocals are a masterclass in powerful minimalism.

Fleur’s vocals then join the mix, and she gives the song an ethereal fragility that only emphasizes the sentiment of the song. Harmonies weave their way throughout the song providing depth, and emotion, and beauty. Sam Way’s sings that he is ‘Too deep in love to let it go’, and you simply cannot disbelieve him. You don’t just hear the lyrics, you feel them.

His powerful vocals imbued with sentiment and emotion have captivated listener’s worldwide, and his dulcet tones are set to continue through 2018 and beyond, as Hard Feelings is only the first of three singles to be released with indie label Animal Farm. Stay tuned to find out what he gets up to next, and listen to Hard Feelings below.


Polly Havelock | WRITER

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