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Music July 23, 2018

The glow surrounding Nadia Nair’s music is tantalizing, drawing you in with raw, powerful lyrics and a voice containing rich layers of emotion. It is certainly a rarity to see a new comer stand out in the music industry so vibrantly, nevertheless Nadia Nair has risen rapidly, with her passionate, refreshing sound. Defined as “open for interpretation art”, her genre defying music style comes from raw honesty within her lyrics, and is developed from genres Nadia grew up with, forming her sophisticated sound and setting her apart from other artists. “It is very much mine, from the core soul of me”.

Photo by Natalie Lennartsson


Following the release of her new single ‘K’ the track has grown in popularity across the UK, with the Gothenburg artist labeled as one of music’s fastest rising talents. The single not only contains Nadia’s signature smooth flowing voice, but the song portrays a powerful message of heartbreak in an unconventional way. The story behind it reflects on loved ones who have suffered and changed, fighting for what Nadia describes as “the grass being greener on the other side”, only to return with nothing, still trying to prove a point. “I was in the studio with my friend Elias, throwing old Indian tapes at him and I also really wanted to get back to the violins. Usually my voice brings the fruit to the table, I like starting a song with my vocals but this time I wanted the strings to lead me. And I didn’t question it… I just went” Drawing all of this together with a series of moving guitar riffs and profound bass produced an original, innovative track, ‘K’.

Drawing on personal feelings and experiences, Nadia learned to accept her vulnerable emotions. Harvesting these and shifting them into a tool to draw power and emotion into her voice, fueling her message through influential vocals, and creating her unique sound. “I let it steer me. Some days I sound like shit and some days I don’t know how I get it right. Everything is very day to day for me, and with age I’ve learned to accept this as vulnerable emotions I can draw from and create with”.

Influenced by music from birth, Nadia was raised on Kenny G and put to sleep by songs from the infamous artist as a child. Her love for music and her lyrical flow, developed from an early age after experimenting with a range of musical paths, “performing music by singing wasn’t the obvious road for me. I thought I’d be a violinist since I started playing violin at the age of 5 and I took it pretty seriously. My struggle through the years has been just that, I take my work and myself very seriously and see very black and white so it can be hard stepping out of the picture and letting myself breathe and find the next step. I’m still developing”.

Following her previous album “Beautiful poetry” Nadia’s sound, voice and expression continue to develop. Evolving from the introverted sound and inner journey seen in her previous album. “That’s what Beautiful Poetry was for me, a book out of my life, not knowing who will have the patience and interest to listen to it in full, who will leave it halfway through. That gamble alone and releasing it on my own has a whole other meaning than giving people a peek into things though a single”. K shows a different vibe, one filled with extroverted energy contrasting Nadia’s previous work, a track filled with a quiet humble resilience and understanding with vulnerability, honesty and strength shown in a more forward way than in previous tracks “releasing things one by one feels very safe, and so I have all this extrovert energy, outer journeys and outer experiences that I can put into that. And that’s what I think I did with K”.



Lorna May | WRITER 

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