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Music July 28, 2018

What else is there, if not love. It’s all around. It’s the indescribable emotion that moves us all. When words fail, music and art swerve in and do the talking for us. A London-based singer/songwriter Blakey has done his fair share of love talking with his single ‘Prism of Love’ featuring JONES and ‘Future Skies.’ Blakey’s electronic sound is compelling thanks to some hard-hitting lyrics that will make you think twice about what you deserve and when it’s the right time to let go.

Brought up in Surrey, Blakey has always been ‘an obsessed music fan,’ as he labels it. As a kid, he listened to the classics like The Beatles, when later on, his taste swung towards 80’s pop like Toto, Duran Duran, Ultra Vox and Prince. When it comes to his personal journey with music, Blakey went on with the basics – piano, guitar, singing, and production. He elaborates: “I’ve always been into music; it’s my life. As a child, I fell in love with the piano; I played blues and boogie-woogie – I’d just love making stuff up, trying new things out. I started learning guitar as a teenager and then started singing. My inner geek eventually came out, and my attention moved to the production side of music, and I started using Logic 5”.

At the moment, pretty much exclusively! What else is there? ”, Blakey’s answer to whether he writes about real life experiences. Inspirations are all around, but it is the true stories that make a song, the song it truly is. But again, there is the question of ‘what comes first – egg or chicken,’ what in the music world translates to ‘what comes first – music or lyrics.’ For Blakey, it is simple: “It tends to be the music. I’ll scat melodies, and then certain lyrics pop out – they naturally emerge and make themselves known – they’re usually lurking under the surface anyway, and when they pop out, I’m like, ‘oh yeah this is what the songs about’! I then refine obsessively”, he brings us closer to his process of making a song.

What is always very fascinating about a song and what makes fans engage with their favorite artists is the story behind the track, the inspiration and the specific moment that got an artist to create a melody. Blakey’s take on inspiration is humbling: “Love. It’s a cliché, but it’s true! For me, music and art in general, can explain these sorts of emotions in ways that words alone cannot. I’ve always found it fascinating to explore that and to share my shades of emotion with it”, he reveals.

Earlier this year, Blakey released his debut single ‘Prism of Love’ featuring JONES causing a virtual storm gaining millions of streams. For a first single, Blakey sure did not choose a light topic for a song as it captures ‘someone in the depths of depression.’ Blakey shares more about the song, latching on to the feeling of being loved and working with JONES: “Someone who is looking for hope in someone else’s ability to love and latches on to the feeling of it, almost for survival. When JONES came on to sing some of it, it gave such an extra depth to the song. She is a bonafide superstar, and I couldn’t be happier with how she works it”.

Besides the remarkable success of ‘Prism of Love’, Blakey has been receiving messages from people that are showing gratitude for the song and how it touched their lives. “It’s lovely to hear how people have been touched by it. I’ve been getting some lovely messages from people saying its helped them through difficult times. It’s made me realize that’s what music is all about in a way. It was written quite a long time ago now, in what feels like something between purgatory and ‘Never Never Land.’ It’s interesting reflecting on myself as I was then. It’s both amazing and beautiful how people can change”, Blakey contemplates.

Months after, Blakey delivers a new single ‘Future Skies’ what feels like a sequel to ‘Prism Love.’ For Blakey, ‘Future Skies’ completed the emotion he was feeling, completing the circle. Starting off with soulful heavy lyrics that will speak to many broken hearts hesitating to let go. ‘Future Skies’ has that positive vibe that will make you love your emotional scars.

As ‘Prism Of Love’, ‘Future Skies’ is also inspired by Blakey’s life and his encounters or as he said it ‘3 or more years of a large cumulative experience’. To give Noctis readers more perspective, Blakey sheds some light on what really inspired the song: “Someone came into my life and ended up leaving it. The shape of myself before and after were incomparable. This song is about having the strength to let go when you don’t want to. The line ‘wounds can heal against their will’ sums it up for me really. You can feel them healing, and you are clinging on to them. The emotional scars will always remind me of that time, but now only in a positive way”.

I feel these wounds of you were healing

No, no, no, no, no

But words can heal against my will

Feelings that I’d die to cling to

I feel them fade with the sun

Blakey is a rising star exploding with talent that has the emotional capacity to change lives and gain millions of streams at the same time. A lyric like ‘wounds can heal against my will’ is painfully poetic and beautiful commencing Blakey’s genius. Stay tuned for more releases on 37 Adventures.

Karolina Kramplova | WRITER

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