by Shanna Bent


Music August 1, 2018

Summer 2018 has been especially hot for MK. Alongside his hit single ’17’ going platinum (as he proudly flaunts on his socials), he is at the peak of festival season and still has a lot more to look forward to.

“It’s like having a major park festival in the middle of London. You don’t have to travel out of town but it is just as great as any of the country or garden setting festivals. I’m a big fan.” is how Marc Kinchen would describe the SW4 experience. I asked him to share his highlights as he prepares for his umpth appearance.

“I’d have to say my highlight is hosting my Area 10 stage and having so many of my friends playing alongside me. Every year is so different so that is why I still really like playing at this festival – I am really looking forward to it this year.” MK then shyly goes on to say who is most looking forward to see perform. “Everyone! I know that sounds dumb but anytime I get to see my mates going back to back its always fun, cause you never know what to expect. I hope you didn’t want a specific favourite, cause I am bad at that, I never like to pick favourites”.

He however does not shy away from the chance to name drop and announce those who he would love to work with in future “off the bat I would say Idris Elba, Mambo Brothers, James Hype, Stefflon Don, Sinead Harnett the list goes on…. And Disciples too”.

On the topic of collaboration, Kinchen mentions his passion for creating movie soundtracks and how he would like to do more of them “I love doing music for film and series”. In an ideal world, he explains the type of productions he would love to create for- “Hmm.. Almost anything science fiction, Blade Runner 3, the next Star Wars haha.  I would love to make music for video games as well.”

With a well deserved reputation of being a festival champion, he finds it challenging to filter out only 3 of his favourite events worldwide “That’s a hard question to only answer 3 for because my favourites change all the time but… Creamfields is always really special. We Are is always a favourite and of course SW4 is amazing every year”. He goes onto mention the unexplainable experience each festival offers which he loves as “you never know what will happen and I guess that’s what keeps it fresh”.

I personally love hearing the inspiration behind a Creative’s work so felt intrigued to dig into why Kinchen chose to build his career around House music which he responds- “I guess growing up in Detroit with Techno and spending time in Chicago too, it was a natural thing for me, plus I loved industrial music and bands like the Cure, Depeche Mode and Ministry.  I was just drawn to it”.

With so much under his belt already, MK goes on to say “I have goals and they basically include that I want to produce more artists, make more records, build up my Area10 label and just continue to make music I love and play amazing shows”. That without a doubt was a response I’m sure all MK fans will be happy to hear, confirming that he isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.



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