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Art & Culture August 1, 2018

Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. That’s the goal we’re dreaming about sitting in the office from 9 – 5 but for these girls, it’s a lifestyle – at least for the summer. Back for it’s 5th year and known as one of the hottest parties of the summer, Guy Gerber’s Rumors is set in the idyllic scene of Destino Ibiza overlooking the breath-taking Mediterranean sea. 

Every Sunday, hundreds of ravers lose themselves in the exotic atmosphere, complete with psychedelic decor and incredible sets from Lauren Lane, Audiofly, Cassy, Ryan Crosson which are just the tip of the iceberg! We get to know what life is like for Rachel, Angelina and Kate, 3 Rumors Girls, dancers and notorious party starters keeping the Ibiza summer alive.


Hi Girls! So tell us about your different backgrounds. How did you end up with the absolute dream job of dancing for RUMORS?

Rachel: Nomadic traveler! Rachel is from all over the world! Too much to tell. You will have to meet me in person then I’ll tell you about all my roots! I’ve known Guy for many years though from working different parties and I have been with him since the first parties in Beachouse Ibiza all those years back!

Angelina: I’ve always wanted to work at the Rumors party after I saw the photos full of colours and good energy. And well, a girl who works there told me that a girl was missing and if I wanted to with her. I saw my opportunity!

Kate: 2 years ago in the middle of the season, a friend told me that Rumors was looking for one more Rumors girl so I jumped at the chance as I really like the party. And they took me 🙂


What’s your favourite memory performing? Got any fun (or naughty) stories?

Rachel: I can’t tell you my naughty stories…

Angelina: My favourite day at Rumors was the first day I came to work. I had never come to this party and I really liked it. Besides the fact that the music was very good, I noticed a very familiar atmosphere among workers and very good energy. For me it is the most important thing to feel comfortable with the people you work with!

Kate: Yes! Last summer a group of guys approached us while we were casually dancing in the middle of the crowd. They were telling us they loved our outfits, they took pictures with us, and they just thought because we were all dressed the same that one of the girls was getting married and that we were on a bachelorette trip! Haha, saying “who is the one getting married?”. We laughed and just decided not to say we were the Rumors girls. One of the girls said I was the one getting married hahaha. So the whole night when they got to see us again they were like “Congratulations!” Or “Please don’t get married!” hahaha.

Photo by Alex Caballero

What’s it like to work with Guy Gerber?

Rachel: He is a legend! Such a good vibe whenever I see him. He just wants to the best for parties and to spread positivity. Love him.

Angelina: I think Guy Gerber treats his workers very well and that makes them all work with enthusiasm and good energy. That’s why this party triumphs so much. Apart from its good music, it distributes good energy to everyone and that is very important. Few DJ’s know how to do that.

Kate: Easy! :). He always creates a nice atmosphere telling us some funny or awkward stories. Anyone who knows Guy knows he has an endless number of them hahaha. When he’s playing he connects people and makes people dance, so he just wants us; the Rumors girls, to do the same.


Apart from Rumors, what are your favourite Ibiza parties?

Rachel: Cocoon in Pacha where I have worked for 8 years, Unusual Suspects at Sankeys, Saga at Heart, Resistance at Privilege and all the private villas.

Angelina: My favourite party apart from Rumors is Cocoon and Circoloco at DC10

Kate: There are some amazing private villa parties all summer here.


What do you do during the off season?

Rachel: I work all over the world! Modelling and dancing.

Angelina: Travel. In Winter I go to Paris to visit my family and travel elsewhere. I usually see more on the fly, I don’t usually plan much.

Kate: I’m based in Ibiza the whole year round but during the winter I take the opportunity to travel once a month. Last winter was Bali, this winter it will probably be Mexico.

So you’re about to leave the house for a performance, what are 3 things you can’t leave the house without?

Rachel: Snacks! Face wash and a spare change of clothes.

Angelina: Before going to Rumors I cannot leave the house without catching my red lipstick, my heels and my phone to record Instagram stories hahaha.

Kate: Red lipstick, a fan, and my favourite dancing shoes!


Name your 3 favourite tracks of the summer

Rachel: They’re not all new but…One Day in May – Guy Gerber, Transced – Mr G and Anonymous – Josh Butler

Angelina: Mama Drama – Caal & Baum, Aphrika – Seth Toxler and Red Sky -Tale of Us

Kate: Martina Camargo – Me Robaste El Sueño (Mario Blanco Unreleased Remix), Mulya – Marvin (Original Mix) and DJ Koze – Pick Up (12” Extended Disco Version) 


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