Katis “Touches”

by Megan Wallace


Music August 7, 2018

London-based Katis (aka Phoebe Katis) has unveiled new single ‘Touches” and an accompanying video  following the release of her debut, “Promises”, in April. With a noticeably more electronic core, thanks to producer Tim Bazell, “Touches” sees Phoebe truly pushing the limits of what’s expected from pop writing as she marries marching polyrhythms with her trademark vocal layering throughout. Making a conscious decision to move on from her early piano-led compositions, “Promises” was the first taste of a new funk-infused aesthetic from Phoebe and went on to secure strong New Music Friday playlist support in Norway and Iceland. Having already performed at Glastonbury, Bestival, Ronnie Scott’s and the 70th anniversary celebrations for BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, KATIS will be returning to the live circuit in 2018 under her new moniker and with a decidedly bolder sound.

“Touches” may appear to be just a conventional love song on the surface, but Phoebe carefully pieced together the lyrics so they could be applied to both yourself or someone else. Partnering colourful harmonies with equally vibrant visuals, dancer/actress Laura Johnson is followed through the sunny streets of Phoebe’s hometown Camden, bringing each pluck of the pizzicato strings to life with her striking choreography. This may only be Phoebe’s second release as Katis, but there’s a wealth of talent and more material just waiting to be explored.

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