by Genea Bailey


Music August 14, 2018

With the release of cinematic visuals for ‘Walk On Water’, North London lyricist Recce West has solidified himself as grime’s one to watch. Lyrically powerful while maintaining a gritty and down to earth charisma, Reece charms his way through hard hitting beats, making his complex flow seem effortless. On the radar of Red Bull Music, BBC 1XTRA and Kiss FM, he’s likely to pop up on yours very soon.

We talk to Reece about his background in music, inspirations, future goals and what he does when he’s not killing it in the booth.


Hey Reece, can you tell us about your background in music and how to came to start rapping?

I started music around 3/4 years ago now after always having a love for music but never thinking I could take it this far. I got given an opportunity by my first manager ‘Ayo Beatz’ got into the studio and never looked back. 


What did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to garage, jungle, rnb (90s baby), grime, hip hop and rap stuff. My mum had a heavy influence


Can you tell us about the inspirations behind your latest EP 3D?

3D I wrote literally straight off the back of going through some personal things in my life and it all getting me kind of down. I turned all the negatives going on around me and personal into inspiration. I feel as though an artist myself I can only write expressing myself and it’s heavily influenced by my mind frame at the time. I used to all to inspire me into writing the EP and expressing a different side of myself this year name ‘3D’ – a different dimension to myself of which is deeper and my fans are not necessarily used to.


Your sound is really authentic to London, what made you travel to Barcelona to shoot the video for ‘Walk On Water’?

I write a lot of my music through inspiration and travelling stimulates that. I actually had a show in Barcelona when I got ‘Walk On Water’ and wrote the song on the flight over there – touched down, dropped my bag, grabbed some pasta and smokes and went to the studio recorded the song I just wrote on a beat I heard there and shot the video the next day. Just like that.


Quite a few countries have recently started appreciating grime, what do you think about the state of grime in other countries?

Grime is definitely becoming more international and feel as though it’s a genre people are eager to know more about it the more it grows. I’ve done shows in NYC 3 years in a row and Barcelona and Italy. I hope to travel more spreading the genre.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

My dream collab would be a studio session with Skepta and IAMDDB. We would make a number one.


What do you do when you’re not in the studio? 

Outside the studio – I go out to eat a lot, travel a lot, try to see my family who don’t live in the country as much as possible, play / watch football, do some freelance creative stuff and fashion stuff – aka I’m always busy 


What’s the last album you listened to?

Travis Scott’s new album is dope 


Can you give any advice to young artists trying to get ahead in the music industry? 

Stay consistent, trust yourself, believe in your sauce and don’t give up. There is no rush or timeline on greatness 


Genea Bailey | WRITER

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