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Music August 18, 2018

I see it as less of a dream and more of a destiny,a 25-year-old Mega from North London replies to a question of how not to give up on her dream of being a singer.

This will not be your ordinary story. Mega’s road to where she is now has been bumpy faced with many crossroads. She speaks on insecurities, support, moments changing her life and her soulful come back with ‘Chariot.’

Music covers a big part of Mega’s childhood and growing up. The legendary Britney Spears has something to do with her first contact with the music scene, let’s find out why: Growing up Id always copy my sister and wanted to be like her so when she joined an opera choir as a young girl, I decided that I also wanted to join that choir I was 8 years old. I still remember my audition; I sang Hit Me Baby One More Timeby Britney Spears – what a tune! Ive always loved to sing, but that was my very first step into the public world of music, Mega shares her first moves in her singing career.

Never fully believing in her self and her singing talent, gospel choir became the space Mega felt the most comfortable in and later on gained the confidence to sing solo. Mega reveals how she got in and her general experience: Someone at my youth club put me in contact with a lady who ran this amazing Gospel choir; I joined around 13/14 years old for a few years, entering singing competitions and performing everywhere. It was there that I actually felt the most safe. I never really felt good enough to be a solo artist,and although I was encouraged to and really wanted to, I always found myself singing with someone. I started just singing solo parts without the comfort of having others there to fall back on. Without them, it was just me, and I was scared of others also believing in my insecurities”.

Our lives are all about moments, especially those moments that will change your life and your perspective on life. As only a 15-year-old, Mega experienced something that stuck with her ten years later: I remember this one time at 15 years old, I was singing a solo part and a lady ran up to me after to share her experience of hearing me sing she was crying, like really crying she said she felt healed inside, that she had so much pain in her heart but that my voice had helped to heal her and that I should never stop singing. It was quite an experience. Id never had something like that happen to me before. That day I learned how powerful music is I remember feeling like this was way more important than me and my insecurities. The belief and support that I have received from family and friends has also had a massive part to play but most importantly feeling and knowing that this is a God-given passion, Mega only confirms that she and her voice are not ordinary.

Other than music, Mega is passionate about Psychology what she chose to study at a university which was both one of the most amazing, yet most challenging times in her life. She explains more: I thoroughly enjoyed studying Psychology, and it constantly blowing my mind; university did so much in helping me realise that I was able to achieve anything I put my mind to”.

After graduating with a first class honors, Mega used her platform on Instagram to speak up about disbelievers and how not to focus on the negative. She is choosing to redirect her energy and to concentrate more on her vision: It can be difficult at times to filter out those who do not understand my vision and those who have a certain idea surrounding what kind of artist that I need to be, but the most important thing for me is what I believe. I have to first believe in my vision and myself – that is where passion is born and then the drive to accomplish what it is that you desire, she proclaims.

On a serious note, Mega’s confidence was severely put down when she was first diagnosed with vocal nodules. It was when she finally decided to pursue her singing career full-time and was recording with friends outside of school. Only a few months in after she finished the sixth form, her voice was gone, and she couldn’t sing. Mega admits to a very low point in her life: “This vocal problem lasted for a few years, it felt like that was the end, I lost all confidence and a part of myself.

During this tough time, she continued with her life and went to study Psychology, her another passion: I learned so much about myself there, and I can see now how instrumental my degree was in getting me through. But after not singing for a very long time my voice felt very weak, and I had to retrain with the help of a voice therapist. I remembered that every time I sang, Id be more focused on how I felt rather than how I sounded and here I am today! I am so grateful and super excited to be singing again and even more excited to have an official single something that I once could never imagine would happen, Mega is done with hardships and is ready to show everyone what she is capable of.

Introducing Mega’s debut single ‘Chariot,’ a track that will bring intense joy to others who will have it stuck on repeat for days. ‘Chariot’ is co-written and produced by Johny Hockings. Mega takes us through the exciting process and how the whole song came about: I stumbled across a voice memo of this beautiful rhythmic repetitive acoustic melody on Jonnys phone and fell in love with it. We began singing and then had a discussion about writing from the perspective of having something bigger, or the creator of the world singing this to us. Feeling like it would be really nice to write something that we would liketo hear. It doesnt just stop there; we can all be each others chariots. I sometimes imagine my dad singing this to me, she elaborates on her song that will heal you and your pan the same way Mega’s performance did back when she was 15.

After being hindered with low self-esteem for years, Mega realises her passion is more powerful than her insecurities. She is ready to master her craft and is better than ever. She hints at a new project coming soon. Look out for #mychariotchallenge. There is a plan to create a ‘Chariot’ music video that will ‘resonate deeply with listeners no matter what era, place or time.’


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