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Music August 19, 2018

Imagine this. Palm trees, a cup of your morning coffee and you and your partner relaxing on a tropical beach. A dream for most of us, but a reality for those living far far away from UK’s shores. A 23-year-old Bermudian Muana look-alike Bassette comes with her version and ode to this lifestyle in the form of her newest single ‘Bermuda.’ Besides diving into her career, Bassette fires some wisdom for all twenty-something-year-olds aspiring singers and songwriters.

Real name Kristina Bassett is already blessed with a unusual surname that only needed an extra ‘e’ to make it fancy and ready to tackle top music charts. Bassette’s bubbly personality is evident from the beginning of our chat. Her honest answer to ‘could you introduce yourself’ question is as relatable as you can get: “I’m a singer who writes songs and enjoys laughing and smile too much.”

Bassette wears blue mesh flames top: Atika, Pink sports bra: Just Hype

After years of moving across the globe, from Bermuda to Scotland at the age of five to Sheffield when she was 12, Bassette finally got settled in London. Living in her dream city for four years now, she looks back at her childhood moving memories: “It wasn’t difficult for me changing environments. I think I was too young to fully understand moving from Bermuda to Scotland but remember being excited about making a move to Sheffield. Moving to London was always a dream of mine so I knew eventually I’d end up here and I love it!”, she reminisces.

Leaving Bermuda for Scotland must have been a cultural shift that asks for extra attention be paid to their heritage back at home. In Bassette’s family, it is the food, and she shares their go-to-meal that helps them celebrate their Bermudian roots: “Most Sunday’s my mum would cook codfish (salt fish) and potato which is a traditional Bermudian dish. I could eat it every day of the week, to be honest! In the UK I think it’s called salt fish so we’d have salt fish, potato, avocado and a banana on the side with either a tomato sauce over the top or buttery sauce over the top! I love it! Will ask my mum to teach me one day”. 

Bassette wears pink flared sports trousers: Ellesse, Black sports bra: Just Hype, Chain: Atika, Shoes: Topshop, Sunglasses: Komono 

Like any other young adult, Bassette had some thinking to do when it comes to prioritizing between school and her dream of being a singer. What she did in the end, she reveals herself: “I moved to London at 19. My parents wanted me to go to uni, but I wanted to do music and thought London would be the best place to pursue that. So I picked universities in London, got accepted into Westminster and went for 2 years but balancing work, music, and uni was tough, one had to go, and I was passionate about music more”, she pronounces music as the winner and the true champion of her heart.

Interestingly enough, Bassette is not milking her personal life for music inspiration. Her surroundings are what she enjoys writing about. When it comes to themes of her songs, she does notice a positive change: “I’m at an age where I know my worth, I know who I am (more than I did when I was younger) and I write about that more. It’s more empowering”.

Bassette is not only the Bermudian goddess she is, but her wisdom is also going through the roof. Deriving from our chat, she is strong on relaxing and not being afraid, as she received this advice from a friend once: “To not be afraid. Trying something new, putting yourself out there, performing, is all very scary! My friend said to me one time, why be afraid of something you’re naturally good at? So when I feel myself getting anxious I just tell myself it’s what I’m meant to do, it’s what I’m good at so just relax and do it”, and she sure did take it on board as her only direction is forward.

Bassette wears blue top: Ellesse 

Another golden rule from Bassette’s ‘what would Bassette do’ handbook, not in stores just yet, is to relax. Simple as that. For any aspiring songwriters out there, Bassette breaks it down for you: “To relax. Writing is a craft, you get better with practice so enjoy the journey of writing and creating. Often I want to rush to see the end result, but it’s good to relax and enjoy the process. You do your best work when you don’t overthink, and when you relax you don’t mimic others, it just comes naturally”, she lets you inside her craft.

As well as her personality, Bassette’s repertoire is colorful, vibey and a perfect match for any Sunday vibes, lazy days playlists. To start off your day, we give you ‘Sweet Coffee‘ by Mullally featuring Bassette.

Boys With Guitars‘ featuring IshDARR is a track to empower us, women. Bassette introduces the song and how not get played: “A lovely writer called Amia Brave wrote this one. Pretty much about being with someone but knowing you’re not right for each other.  Questioning why you let them in every time and basically being played like a guitar!”. Don’t mind me, just adding another truth bomb to Bassette’s handbook.

Bassette wears red top: Atika, Jewellery: Topshop

A more of a personal song closer to Bassette’s heart is ‘Playing For You’ with Joe Hertz. She gives us the lowdown on the backstory inspiring the lyrics: “Playing for you is actually about my discontent with uni and my situation at that time, just wanting to wholeheartedly focus on my passion but feeling like I’d be disappointing others by leaving but by listening to others I’m disappointing myself and not listening to myself. When I first left uni, it was to take a break, a gap year, and I just didn’t go back” and the song goes:

let me take a break to figure this out,

no point finishing now,

playing in the wrong game,

falling down’

When at university, Bassette’s heart was not in the game. It was the case of going to study because everyone she knew went. Leaving was her decision, and that is how she would like to continue her life, living by her rules, as the chorus goes:

if you’re tryna change me,

watch me coz I’ll do what I do’

Bassette’s newest creation is ‘Bermuda.’ A song that will probably make her career what it deserves to be. Joe Hertz made the beat from scratch in a couple of hours, and Bassette then took it away and jeweled it with her lyrics.

“‘Bermuda’ is based on the concept of loving someone wholeheartedly. It’s a conversational piece where I excitedly ask my partner if he wants to escape to somewhere new; particularly somewhere secretive and beautiful to get away from the day-to-day mundanes of life. Sucked up in routine, you can forget to be present with your partner and to appreciate the small things, so I want to escape that and have one another’s uninterrupted attention. ‘Bermuda’ is a celebration of wholehearted love”, she explains.

The video was directed by Jack A Bowden and concept curated by bossy Ldn who wanted to recreate the idea of the 4 elements (excluding fire). It was all shot in a studio and Jacks team built up the individual scenes themselves!”, she shares some behind-the-scenes.

Bassette on the artwork for ‘Bermuda’: “The artwork was originally captured by a photographer called Raschid Allami – Merrouni of Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda. We then had this image drawn up by artist Edd-Leigh, his art style is just very cool, so the artwork was based off of an actual photograph taken in Bermuda”. 

Not to worry, Bassette herself would like to release an EP before the end of the year. In other words, we will be blessed with more wisdom and vibey beats from the Bermudian goddess.

Bassette wears orange hoodie: Ellesse, Black jogging bottoms: Ed Hardy, Shoes: Topshop


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