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Music August 20, 2018


Here at noctis we have had a chance to catch up with Madeleine Wood & Samantha Togni with the release of the remix of Phantom Boy.

These are two of the most up and coming artists in the scene right now.. We suggest you follow the links at the bottom of the page and hear it for yourselves….

Firstly how would you both describe this record before anybody had a chance to hear it?
Samantha – Gloomy and very emotional
Madeleine – I would describe it as t he theme track to your very own emotional night terror. Dark, dangerous and moody af.

How did you guys come to end up working on this together, as you have worked on the same labels etc. Was it something put together for you or did you meet and decide to do it?
Madeleine – I approached Samantha. For the remix package I wanted to ask producers from my circle of friends.
Phantom Boy is my first solo single in 4 years so yeah I wanted to keep it within the family.
Samantha and I have been working on a few bits and bobs over the past year but nothing release worthy as of yet so I thought this was a good way for us to get started on working together properly. She loved the vocal so it was an easy road ahead from that point onwards. Happy days !

Samantha – I am really lucky to have really amazingly talented friends and it’s the best feeling collaborating with them. As Madeleine said, I absolutely loved the record as soon as she let me listen to it and felt inspired straight away.

How would you define your style?
Samantha – Dark, moody, restless and in your face.
Madeleine – Candy. Warm. Textured. Robust. Pop/Dance.

Musically you have both achieved alot. What would you say would be your biggest accomplishments to date?
Madeleine –

1. Vocalist for SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog – Sonic Forces game.
2. Making No.#1 Swiss Dance Charts.
3. Mainstage -Intents Festival (Netherlands) 50K people.
Samantha – Being able to travel the world with my music and play in incredible places and venues. I just came back from Fusion Festival, Caribbean, Thailand and France.

What are the top artists inspiring you right now? 
Samantha – Listening a lot to Randomer, Boys Noize and Modeselektor at the moment
Madeleine – Martin Horger. Billie Elish. Madonna – she just turned 60, 4 x decades in the biz and still a top artist. Icon.

What would you say influenced this track? 
Samantha – I tried to translate the feelings of heartbreak through the remix
Madeleine – Being ghosted and fact that ghosting someone has become accepted as a normal form of behaviour now days.

Whats next for you guys?
Samantha – I am releasing my first EP featuring amazing artists like TT The Artist, My Bad Sister and Janset, alongside two videos for it. I have worked with some amazing artists to put it together and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.
Madeleine – I have been doing a fair bit of ghostwriting for a few labels and songwriting for other artists which I have absolutely been loving so I’m defo going to continue that little venture for sure. Plus putting out my other two singles this year is 100% on the cards.
Oh and the Phantom Boy music video is on its way too !




Images by: Benas Bar

Styling by: Riccardo Palmerani


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