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Music August 31, 2018

The indie rock band reminiscent of 80s dream-pop, Wild Nothing, are back with their fourth album released through Captured Tracks, titled ‘Indigo’.

The voice behind the band, Jack Tatum, whose sound is often compared to the likes of The Cure and Beach House, has successfully created another beautifully intricate and thought-out complication of tracks, fitting perfectly in line with the other dreamy music releases of past albums: Gemini, Nocturne and Life Of Pause.

Hailing from Virginia, USA Jack has been a musician since the age of just ten years old and reveals how the name for the band “came to [me] in a dream.” Growing up, he immersed himself in music from his parent’s record collection as well as music by The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, “I’ve been a very big Michael Jackson fan since an early age but I was also very big on Green Day and Elton John, strangely.” Jack explains how all of these musicians influence the music he makes today, “Those early memories leave a lasting impression, I think. I learned a lot about pop music from Michael Jackson and The Beatles – I still chase that kind of structured song writing.”

Overcast, Silken and Breathy’ are the words he chooses when asked to describe the Wild Nothing sound. These three words very much sum up the sound that he has been producing since the band formed in 2009 but ‘Indigo’, in particular, encapsulates this with the creation of a classic and pristine sound that he has been seeking his entire career. “There have been Lots of great memories in my career so far – Touring South America; interviewing one of my favourite musicians, Robert Forster, from The Go-Betweens; playing the same stage as The Cure at Lollapalooza. Really just releasing records are my career highlights though. It’s what I’ve consistently focused the most energy on.”



His inspiration for ‘Indigo’ came from the influence of human interaction with technology, creating his own cyborg world, utilizing the artful mechanisms of human touch with the precision of technology. “I love that technology has evened the playing field for musicians and made it so people like me could get a foot in the door.” There are also aspects of technology that Jack isn’t as fond of, “I hate that social media has given us all anxiety about how we present ourselves. I hate that the spread of misinformation is crippling America. I hate that intellectual property and creativity is increasingly devalued.” The creativity coming from Wild Nothing is something that also shouldn’t be devalued and ‘Indigo’ is a prime example of this.

You may have already heard the first single released from the album, ‘Letting Go’, with the surrealist style music video featuring magic mushrooms, scarecrows and snails trailing all over Jack’s face, which was released on the 31st July and already has over 24K views on Youtube. An Indigo favourite of Jack’s however, is the fourth track on the record, “Wheel of Misfortune’, “I just feel like there’s something very tidy about this song, at least from a song writing perspective. It’s a pop song, which for me is very much about being able to take a simple idea and distilling it down to a concise form. I think it’s the most welcoming song in a way too, the most universal. It’s essentially just a song about how we all go through hard times, which is not at all an original sentiment, but I think it’s also a song that can be seen as very encouraging or cynical depending on the person who’s listening to it.”

Indigo was mostly recorded in Studio 3 at Sunset Sound in LA, “the very space where Prince worked on his music for most of his golden years,” Jack explains. “Apparently he would set up a bed and take naps in the live room where we tracked everything. The whole place has a lot of strange energy. Very early on, the studio was used for Disney recordings and there are still old master tapes for ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’ in the attic. It’s a truly haunted place and honestly kind of creepy.”

From starting as an artist who imagined their first album in confined space of their bedroom, to now producing music in a studio that was used my a musician as iconic as Prince, shows the maturation of Jack’s music – a reflection of just how great his music is as each album gets stronger with every release. “I’ve learnt that it’s okay to have an identity through your music. I used to fear being pigeonholed but the older I get I see the power in playing to your strengths.”

Starting from October, Wild Nothing will be going on tour around the US & Canada so be sure to check the dates out that have been posted on the band’s Instagram.

Indigo is out via Captured Tracks on 31st August


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