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by Rojan


Music September 18, 2018

London Electronic duo Gorgon City, have released another banger of an album that’s bound to be popular, we hit up their launch party and also managed to have an exclusive chat with them about all things music!

How different would you say your album ‘Escape’ is to other ones you produced in the past?
We have been developing our sound constantly since our first album Sirens. I think Escape shows this and it’s also an album that was largely made on the road. We produced the tracks all over the world, whereas we made Sirens in our studio in London. But at the same time we wrote most of the tracks in the same way we always have.

‘One Last Song’ with JP Cooper and Yungen, how did this come about?

We initially wrote the song with Donaeo in our studio and then thought it’d be great to ask JP to get on it. He killed it and then Yungen jumped on it to add a UK grime flavour which we love.

‘Hear’ got the loudest reaction from everyone at the launch party, how did you manage to get D Double E involved in your track?

It’s a big tune! We’re massive fans of D Double E and big fans of grime music in general. We hit him up to get in the studio and he was up for it. We’ll be working with more grime artists in the future for sure.

Out of all the collaborations you have been involved in, which is your favourite so far?

Working with Jennifer Hudson was an amazing experience, she’s such a superstar it was very surreal being on the road with her.

How excited were you for your album launch party and did you imagine it would turn out the way it did?

It was pretty nerve racking as no-one in the UK had heard the tracks before so we definitely had our fingers crossed. We had done the NYC one the week before and it went really well so we had a bit of pressure taken off because of that. But we were really happy how it went, our fans seemed to be happy!

You had a boat party just before the launch party, how was that and who’s idea was it?

Our manager came up with the idea of DJing on a canal boat from Kings Cross to Hackney to promote the album, so we were like, ‘sounds good!’. We brought some of our team and some guests on it and we had a great time on the rainy London canal.

 How does it feel to see everyone reacting so well with the songs you have written and produced ?

It’s the best feeling when you’ve spent so long on something and then it’s received well. It makes it all worth when you see the reactions from the crowd.

 What’s next for you, what can we expect from you guys?

We are going to be concentrating on our record label Realm. We have signed some great music from artists from all over the world and can’t wait to get the music out there.

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