Leonie Mergen | SS19

by Madison Blackwood


Fashion September 23, 2018

Day 2 of London Fasion Week surprisingly brought good weather and heaps of energy. Devonshire Square played its role in setting the tone for the show ahead, with its large historical courtyard handing itself over to the runway. First up at Devonshire House was Leonie Mergen’s ‘Seven Beauties’ SS19 collection.

Playing a big part in all of Mergens collections, not to mention this one is the Silk Road, which was an ancient winding trade route connecting the east with the west through various regions of Asia. Given that the Silk Road is such an old, yet rich source of inspiration I was eager to see the collection unfold in front of me.

The first model on the runway wore a  beautifully cut white button down back shirt with short sleeves and green trousers that overlaid black detailing over the rich green. This look cemented the fact that Mergen had confidence in working with her inspirations and her depth of knowledge about them as well as her own craft.

A real highlight for myself was this deep red leather jacket which looked perfectly balanced with sumptious leather mixed with delicate lacing worked into the sleeves and neckline. This was followed up by this strong collarless white shirt that teamed a panel of floral detailing with a white panel covering the shoulders.

Each model was used to represent seven states of love, as a result each of them had hues and tones that subtly hold emotional attachments.

With patterns and details that walked you through the Silk Road the purposefully structured garments really did come across as a labour of love. The use of lightweight materials mixed with the historic details really did make for truly perfectly rounded collection that left me in no doubt that Leonie Mergen has put her all into this Collection.


I caught up with Loenie after the show and asked her about her about her inspirations for the collection. here is what she had to say:

I am absolutely fascinated by the Silk Road in general, all of my collections have this inspiration, and this time I focused on a poem called the ‘Seven Beauties’ by Nizami Ganjavi. He was a poet living during the 11th century and the poem is basically about a Prince falling in love with seven different Princesses, each representing one region along the Silk Road and also he is representing one of the seven stages of love which is shown by one colour, so you have seven male and seven female looks, and this is the main inspiration for this collection.


Madison Blackwood | WRITER


Images 3 & 4 credit to www.leoniemergen.com

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