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by Lorna May


Music September 26, 2018

With over twenty years experience in the music industry the established DJ Benny Benassi, responsible for defining the genre of electro-house genre and bringing it into mainstream music, has released his cutting-edge track, ‘Everybody needs a kiss”. Collaborating with Sofi Tukker, the track delivers layers of impeccably diverse beats combined with an effortless flow of artistic lyrics.

Crediting the inspired lyrics shaped by Sofi Tukker in the process of naming the track and the statement “I think we all agree though, everybody needs a kiss!” the name of the song was decided.

Producing renowned tracks, the uninterrupted stream of skilfully crafted songs have progressed through the years, evolving along side Benny Benassi’s musical style forming a solid back catalogue of original productions, fitting for each generation, an exclusive talent which has kept Benny and his music relevant for over two decades.

Hitting number one in France and number two in the UK with his hit single ‘Satisfaction’ back in 2002 his distinctive style and unwavering talent has only increased with the influx in technology since beginning his music career. “I’ve been expanding my team, bringing on board very talented young musicians to work with me in the studio. My sound has my hallmark but it has a rocky feel I really like”.


Continuing to mature, his music has seen substantial progression over the years with new levels of intricacy, new empowering beats and heavily energetic layers of arrangement “What’s important to me is that everything I release should be a true expression of my taste. It has to sound right to me and I think that’s what would give my music stylistic consistency as the sound evolves… at least I hope so!” Benassi’s unique musical stamp is always apparent, producing a series of established songs, collaborations and widespread popularity and a collection of tour dates across festivals and clubs throughout the UK and Ibiza.

With a unique set of preferences sets him apart from other artists, always providing an aspect of originality his music differing from the typical style of electro-house. “I’m too much on the inside of what I do, there is no secret except to be true to my passion and taste.” Remaining distinctive against the crowd of emerging artists, his music is a continual reminder of his contributions to the growth in popularity of electro-house music.


Collaborating with a diverse selection of artists including big names such as Chris Brown, T-Pain and Kelis, each song carries Benny Benassi’s unmistakable signature style, mashing perfectly with each artists genre. Showing his signature beats and technique and inputting his own flair is an effortless process “There are no set rules. Maybe it’s just bouncing tracks back and forth by email; maybe it’s being in the studio together. You know if it clicks.” With his career showing no signs of slowing down, you can expect more timeless tracks from the Italian DJ.

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