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by Lorna May


Music September 27, 2018

2018 has been a year of progression and accomplishment for the determined artist Kyan. Winning the American express ‘Backed By’ campaign ran by Nile Rogers and performing a euphoric ‘COLORS’ session, the artists visual, for his latest song ‘Like summer’ has now also been released.

His most recent song ‘Like summer’ signifies the end of a dark period in Kyans life. After dealing with the loss of a major label deal and a long-term relationship, the artist struggled with depression and rejection throughout a two-year period, before gradually transitioning into a fresh, optimistic chapter of his life, guiding him into a more positive place. “Like Summer was the first time I realised I was starting to come out of that chapter of my life. It’s a song that looks back over my experience”. The music video for the song has since been released, offering a visual representation of the meaning behind the track and a representation of the positive message displayed through Kyans words.

Featuring Kyan sailing along the waters of Xochimilco in Mexico city, the boat ride represents the journey he experienced and the artist embracing the destruction of his own fragility and sensitivity. The visuals drastically contrast against those of the video for his first song on the album ‘Nothing beyond’. Shot in the dessert using analog film, gritty aesthetics and harsh wilderness in the first music video, juxtaposes the visuals in ‘Like Summer’ which embody a positive, vibrant landscape, symbolising the change from the negative to the positive. “I chose the lush and beautiful Xochimilco to end that journey”, exhibiting the artists passage from a dark place, back to self-acceptance.

Throughout his path into the music industry the artist experienced a succession of setbacks, however with the progression of his sound from previous tracks and the emotional depth to the lyrics, his music has led to collaborations with big names in the industry, including the likes of Duke Demont, Benga and Knox Brown. Developing techniques from his previous work, Kyan’s unique approach to each song, uses lyrics when determining the soundscape, and incorporates a range of live instrumentals in his most recent tracks for a more organic sound. “I approach each song as it’s own entity, almost like a new episode within a series”.

During the writing and production process of his tracks, the artist created his most recent album singlehandedly, using the experience to mature and improve his work “I learned a lot about myself, what works and what doesn’t”. Enthusiastic to collaborate with other artists, Kyans interest focuses around a group collaboration with a range of other artists and an alternative way of producing music “I’m really excited to collaborate with other artists/producers/musicians and make music almost the opposite way I did with this album. There’s no one artist in particular as I’m more about putting lots of people in a room and seeing what happens. It’s more about chemistry than about a specific name”.

With his next single ‘Lonely River’ set to release on Friday, the artist and his journey are slowly leading him to the height of his career.


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