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by Megan Wallace


Music October 2, 2018

As an artist Alice Chater is all about being a triple threat: on-point choreography, high-concept videos and attitude-laden vocals. Bored of a modern pop landscape that’s rigid and way too-cool-for-school, alice is here to shake things up, with the help of some of pop’s biggest names. She impressed so much after a one off meeting on a night out that he’s become a mentor, helping kickstart a major label rush to sign her. Ahead of the release of her latest single, ‘Hourglass’, we sat down with the pop diva in the making to talk about her musical influences, having as a mentor and touring with MNEK. 

How did you first get involved making music?

I was 15, and I met this producer / writer through a family friend. I recorded my first pop songs with him and that’s when I knew I wanted to be a recording artist. From there it was a bit of balancing act between college where I was training in dance and studio sessions where I was writing songs. Now I get to do both so it all worked out thankfully!

You’ve previously stated that you make more ‘classic’ pop tracks, why would you say that we’ve seen a move towards ‘anti’ pop stars?

I grew up listening to Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and Avril Lavine. Their music made me feel a certain way for sure. They made me want to dance and feel empowered. I want people to feel the same way as I felt when I listened to those pop stars – classic pop bangers undeniable hits, triple threat artists who could do it all & give incredible visual performances. I think recently it’s become a trend with ‘anti’ pop stars. Don’t get me wrong I love an ‘anti’ pop star too and there’s something endearing about someone singing clever songs in a hoodie, but what I grew up adoring and being inspired by was triple threat performers with undeniable pop bangers, big production, outrageous outfits & incredible visual epic performances. That’s just naturally what I gravitate to creatively.

We hear that you’ve been mentored by, would you care to talk more about this?

Me & Will met at an event, he saw me and told me I was dope! Lol. He hadn’t heard me sing at this point, he just grabbed my phone and asked me to call him the next day. I called him and then sent him a video of me singing and he invited me to the studio! I then started working with Printz Board, his main MD and producer from the Black Eyed Peas. We starting writing together and worked at Will’s studio in LA and Metropolis studios here in the UK. Will was massively supportive of me & he remains a good friend.

You introduced yourself as a recording artist with a video that featured a massive CGI spider, what was the thinking behind these visuals?

I created ‘Baby a’ as the fiercer side of me. I’m really a goof ball at heart, and can be sometimes shy & vulnerable. ‘Baby a’ is the side of me that gives no fucks. It just so happens she’s also a spider. A massive CGI spider with a shiny A on the back! If you watch all my videos there’s always some sort of subtle spider reference in there. The one in my new video for Hour Glass is VERY obscure. I’m not sure if people will even find it lol.

Your latest track ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ seems pretty upbeat for a record about heartbreak, do you think it’s important that people can relate on an emotional level to more danceable tunes?

Of course. I really love sad, dark lyrics on a upbeat happy beat – I think there’s something really special about that. You can dance away your heartbreak! Robyn is the master of that. With Every Heartbeat and Dancing On My Own are two of the saddest songs ever but I bet there’s not a dancefloor in the world which hasn’t had people bopping along to those two songs.

We see that you’re supporting MNEK on tour, are you looking forward to this? Why?

Yay yes I’m really looking forward to it! MNEK is a genius, and I’m really honoured to join him on tour. His new album is amazing and we’ve been in the studio just last week writing a song which will hopefully be on my album. I love it – he’s the King of Hooks and it’s amazing how he has been in this industry since such a young age and has already achieved so much.

What have you got in the pipeline for the next year?

I’m going to keep dropping more and more songs and hopefully showing people the different sides of me. More visuals & music videos, a couple of features and then hopefully this will lead into playing more shows and releasing an album. This year has been so great for me – I’ve been sitting on these songs for a while so I’m so happy people are now listening to them. More of the same next year, please!

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