by Karolina Kramplova


Music October 5, 2018

The festival season is coming to an end, but this last month crowds at Finsbury Park held onto the last glimpse of summer and the music festivities that go with it. Hospitality In The Park Festival was the reason why thousands of people have gathered to celebrate the biggest names of drum & bass music.

The proper festival vibes commenced with the first sight of rain that turned the whole complex into a muddy, slippery slide. Sprinkling here and there did not stop anyone from living their best life. The rave kicked off bright and early at 11 am at every stage. Even though the festival itself did not cover the entire Finsbury Park, Hospitality managed to deliver seven stages built as unique tents: circus, greenhouse, brick building.

Despite the sudden temperature drop, there was no shortage of smiles and pure excitement for the music. All stages were packed at all times. People were only wandering outdoors when passing from stage to stage what resulted in no excessive queues. The joyous mood prevailed the occasional muddy face palm.

Photo: Jake Davis

Hospitality’s line up provided the best out of drum & bass music across Europe and stages hosted by established clubbing brands. Starting off with one of the most promising DJs, Barely Legal, who performed at the Outlook back to back with her old time friend Chimpo. Noctis had a chat with Barely Legal about her journey so far, and you can find it here.

Sticking to a tight schedule, the crowds dispersed to catch a glimpse of fresh air and quickly headed to a different stage. We chose the main stage, the Hospitality stage hosted by Hospitality Records that gave the floor to their own Metrik & Dynamite. Their farewell song was in the spirit of drum & bass remix of Sigma’s anthem ‘Nobody To Love’ that won the crowd over.

Photo: Jake Davis

Let It Roll stage was up next. The imitation of a circus ceiling made the performance of Mefjus back to back with Calyx & Teebee & Jakes even more entertaining. While vibing at the back of the Let it Roll stage, we saw parents with children enjoying the festival together as a family confirming that love for music knows no age limit.

One of the most anticipated acts of this year’s Hospitality In The Park is the legendary Welsh electronic producer known by his stage name High Contrast. After recharging our batteries, High Contrast brought out a show that we did not expect. Besides a live band, all songs had live vocalists that blew us all away.

Photo: Cathy Whatever


When going into the UK’ s first outdoor drum n bass festival, we were ready for obnoxious craziness and people in extravagant outfits with flashy accessories. In the best way possible, this is not what we’ve got. Hospitality In The Park made it possible for drum n bass fans to enjoy their favorite music in spite all odds were against them. There is no doubt that with the lineup, the festival offered the best out of the best in the drum n bass scene. However, it was the energy surrounding individual stage that sold the festival for what it really was: fun, laid back and stress-free. And the excess slick mud only made our boots dirty to sell we’ve been to a proper rave.

Karolina Kramplova | WRITER

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