Freya Ridings “Lost Without You”

by Noctis Online


Music October 9, 2018

Rising star – Freya Ridings’ single ‘Lost Without You’ has recently been building momentum with over 40 million streams, as well as becoming a mainstay on BBC Radio 1. More recently however, ‘Lost Without You’ has broken into the OCC top 10 and looks set to establish Freya as a one of the hottest talents in the UK.

Freya’s name is on everyone’s lips at the moment – the bona fide emerging star that’s taking the country, and the charts, by storm via the sheer power of her vocals and precocious talent alone. It’s been a while since such a genuinely independent, credible artist has had such a galvanising effect on the public psyche – virtually unknown this time last year, Freya is now selling out shows globally and causing mass blockages at London Underground stations whenever she performs impromptu shows. 

A genuine, homegrown talent artist creating a cult viral following and breaking through from an independent label in the current pop climate is something remarkable, and the intrigue with the young star shows no sign of slowing. Freya continues to build on her ascent by sharing her new video for ‘Lost Without You’, bringing the beautiful song’s lyrics to life. Directed by Sophie Muller (Beyonce, No Doubt, The Killers, Coldplay) and filmed in London along The Thames.

Contending with being incredibly shy and feeling isolated at school, Freya found her extraordinary, vibrato-rich, pin-drop voice when she was in just Year 7 at school when she was invited to perform at an open-mic night. Freya explains, “I sang quite low for a little girl, I did this whole raspy thing. Suddenly, though, I’d found my own way. To this day, I still can’t believe I got up there. The whole room went crazy. And that was the moment where I thought: ‘Maybe I can take this thing that’s my own private thing, that I’ve done on my own, and actually share it with other people.'”

Going back to these understated musical roots, Freya performed an intimate live version of ‘Lost Without You’ at St George’s Church in London…watch the video below to witness her magnetic appeal.

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