MAISON THE FAUX “Shop Now, Cry Later!”

by Hatnim Lee


Fashion October 26, 2018
MAISON the FAUX is a Dutch creative Studio posing as a grand couture fashion house created by Joris Suk and Tessa de Boer rooted in a great sense of humor and self-mockery, combined with a deep love of fashion. They strive to represent a new outlook on masculinity and femininity creating “Humanwear”. The duo uses fashion clichés and social archetypes to emphasize, expand and transform them into their shows, collections and projects. So when the house hosted a “Shop Now, Cry Later” shopping experience at Next Century, over the top tears and hysterical laughter filled the department store.

MAISON the FAUX and all-in-one fashion design incubator CALA paired up to create a MAISON the FAUX x CALA T-shirt. At the event, DJ Donnatella spun tunes while MAISON the FAUX shoppers ran through the space; looking for a new MAISON the FAUX piece to wear while crying thinking of their bank account the next day.
The “Shop Now, Cry Later” MAISON the FAUX x CALA t-shirt will be for sale exclusively at Century 21 together with a selection of current and archive pieces from the fashion house.

See our show highlights photographed by Hatnim Lee at Next Century 21, NYC.

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